Saturday, 9 April 2011

Life Without a Kitchen

I wrote this blog yesterday evening and have spent ages trying to format this post. It just keeps ignoring all carriage returns. So apologies, folks and I've now resorted to lots of spots. Thanks for the sympathy and comments on the hand problem. Liniecat – thanks that’s very encouraging and ta to Stephanie for the exercises. I have ordered the power ball, Sarah. Sorry about your wrist Diana – hope it’s OK now. ...................................................................

I had a little giggle about Wabbit’s towel – I’d probably get tangled up and strangle myself, but you have got me thinking about how I sleep. I’m much better in a chair with my feet up – perhaps I’ll take to sleeping in the sitting room. The hands seem better since I stopped using the keyboard so much, so perhaps it’s not the stitching.

Many thanks to everyone who entered the debate on e-books. I think the time has not yet come, as I’ve been reading another Rebecca Stott (she’s great) and her books always have little pics and etchings in them. It has, as you say Rachel, driven me nuts - making the page big enough to see, and then small to read the text. ....

I think the way to go with Machine Embroidery Workbook is to put it on CD or on the web. The basic techniques could be printed out with lots more colour on accompanying pdf downloads. Could also have a Yahoo group. A bit like distance learning but not quite so individual. Might think about that. ..... .

My kitchen is in bits so the workroom has become the kitchen. Am I bovvered? No. Here is a snapshot of our house, taken a few minutes ago. Trev the builder is reinforcing a wall before he knocks the chimney breast down.


Clive is cooking the dinner in a tabletop cooker, with veg cooking on the litlle electric hob and new potatoes in the microwave. What a treasure he is!

. . .



Smudge is in the 'kitchen' courtyard wondering if anyone will ever fill his bowl.


. .


Where am I? . Am I helping? . Am I working? . Am I stitching? .

Not likely – I’ve got a new bike and it’s huge fun. Just heard that I sold a piece of work at Ramster so I don’t even feel guilty about buying it.



I'll have to get off my bike now, as Smudge has peed in Trevor’s builder's sand and he is not happy! Knew it was too good to last!


Helen Suzanne said...

good to finally see the post... thought you were having problems as the builder pic was up but no post!

love the new bike... have fun

ferinn said...

Aren't cats brilliant!I too had carpal tunnel after redecorating the house some years ago .It got better but still rears its head when I do too much.I find hanging my arm over the side of the bed helps with the deadness.You can also get splints to wear which keep your hand in the correct position.

Heather said...

Love the bike - a great way to keep fit. Hope your hand/wrist is improving and congrats on selling a piece of work. I want a Clive! My husband doesn't do cooking, but will take me out for a meal so I shouldn't complain. Cats love sand - perhaps the builder should have covered his - it could have been worse!

Wabbit said...

This last time, I put a bag of frozen peas at the base of my mousepad and rested my wrist on it as I 'moused'. It slowed down the pain but the only help is to get away from the keyboard.

So the bike is perfect for that! Plus you'll be exercising and able to look at all sorts of interesting things! So yayyyy for you on that purchase!

Cats will be cats!

jude said...

Clive - every women should have one. But I am waiting my place patiently in the queue. Hope the ouches in the limb ease soon Maggie - I was thinking about grilon stitches strips on heat soluble and hair straighteners the other day, but it's been a bit busy at work...!

Diane said...

How organized you are Maggie. When we put the new kitchen it was a BBQ out side, a gas ring and microwave in the garage and washing up in the laundry. The inconvenience was worth it in the end though. Our new bathroom is coming along nicely despite the fact that the plumber has been held up but the builder comes each Saturday to do his bit.
I haven't had time to start on the last lesson but hope to start after my visitor leaves on Monday. I have had to get some craft stock made for the local craft shop. I do prefer my art projects as opposed to my craft projects though.
Don't fall of the bike.

Digitalgran said...

My SIL just had a Carpal tunnel op Maggie and I was surprised it's such a small op. So should the worst come to the worst you will be able to stitch again in no time.
Smudge and the pee reminds me of making a huge sandpit for the boys when small. Guess what? It was being used as a toilet by a neighbouring cat. Ugh! love the bike BTW.

Jackie said...

Aha! Now I see what you've been up to. Plenty to keep you busy. I found an artist online a couple of years ago selling stick on rust for new bikes so they don't get stolen!
I remember an awful playgroup trip when my boys were little to a rather dubious 'open farm'. All the animals were in a sorry state, there were rusty tractors everywhere but worst of all , there was a heap of sand that had been there a long long time and a lot of cats.