Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Urchfont, Thumbs Down and a Tick

Look at this pile of stuff - where am I off to, you ask. Well it's the time of our quarterly indulgence at Urchfont Manor. My text. 21 group (or something like that) is having a session with Jane Wild on collagraphs. I can't wait. I've bought myself a Sissix cutter/press and haven't tried it yet. I am doing a talk in Worcester, straight after (Saturday) so will report back next week.


I am also taking the embellisher machine with a view to attacking this jacket. It's a per una (posh M&S) in boiled wool and I loved it but the sleeves and a couple of panels at the lower front are made from nasty black fur fabric. So I aim to set the embellisher on them.

I made a couple of little bags some time ago - just velvet, silk and chiffon. Here is one.

. Here's another.

I love the way you can do huge hand stitches like this.

That become part of the fabric when embellished.

I do hope I don't ruin it!

I may be a little late at the manor tomorrow as Clive has just found a big fat tick on his back (a gardening hazard). I got it all off, but it's as well to have the doc look at it. We had a friend who caught Lyme's desease and it was horrid.

Talking of matters medical, some of you will have seen on Facebook that I have to have operations on both thumbs. I thought I was only going for my carpal tunnel check up so it was a bit of a shock. They take out a bone and that stops it rubbing and hurting. I had the following phone conversation about it with my cousin.

Me: They take out the bone and put in a bit of gristle.

Cousin: Where do they get the gristle?

Me: Oh, they've probably got a lump of pork hanging around.

Cousin: Is that why they call it a hand of pork?

Boom. boom.

That joke probably only works if you are a brit.

Thanks for asking about the book. It's running a bit late due to the hand thing but I'll keep you posted.


Heather said...

What a good idea to work on your jacket with the embellisher. Enjoy your time at Urchfont - it sounds like serious fun. Love the bags. I didn't know that ticks can be found in gardens and associated them only with farm animals. Yuk! Poor Clive - I hope he suffers no ill effects.

gilby said...

Hi Maggie,
Might be worth checking Smudge for ticks,he could have them hidden in his long fur.Like Heather i thought ticks were only found in farms and forested areas. Do hope Clive suffers no after effects.

Wendy O'Brien Fibre Artist said...

I'm interested in seeing what you do with your sissex machine as I am contemplating buying one. However I don't want to just use it for one thing most likely not what it was made for. Wendy

Stitching with Schnauzer and Siamese said...

Did y0u manage to get everything done as planned Maggie? I always find so many other things distract me at Urchfont. I too have just bought the Big Shot( yesterday) and will be interested to see what you do with yours.

I too hate ticks... need to put some of the flea killer on Clives neck as well as the Smudges next time ;o)
Best wishes to you both.

Maggie (the other one!)