Monday, 9 January 2012

Book Give-away

We've been busy setting up the site for the free clases with Fabulous Surfaces. I'm quite taken with Flickr and can see that it will become another obsession - when I've got time.

We are doing a book give-away, either a choice of d4daisy books or one of Dale Rollerson's Sari Ribbon books, which she has kindly donated - your choice.

You've got to work for this one, though. On the d4daisy home page you will find a pdf download of a useful glossary. What is the first item described? Email me on - don't comment here or everyone will know the secret! Clue - it is something that Lynda Monk uses in her book. Closing date January 23.

I have instructed Clive to lock me in my workroom this week to finish my book on Dissolvables. Luckily I smuggled this laptop in so I could write my blog, possibly spend my itunes voucher and generally engage in displacement activities.

First I have to turn this chaos into a space where I can work.



Glad you all liked Ted, but Diane is quite right - I really suffered with my poor thumb and haven't been able to finish him. I had decided not to have the thumb operation yet but it has been so bad lately that I'm re-thinking it. I know someone who is having the same operation next month so I might wait and see how she gets on. I am booked in for the end of March - after the next book publication.

Interesting about people making a living by selling work. I agree with Diane about having to teach - I'd encourage anyone to write articles as well, if you can write and produce good work you will be much in demand.


Heather said...

Your workroom still looks more orderly than mine!
Good luck with the thumb op. when the time comes. Hand problems are not life-threatening but they are such vital bits of equipment.
Dale's Sari Ribbon book is lovely though I haven't used it as much as I hoped. If you are writing another book I shall 'need' that too - just want more hours in the day, days in the week, to do all the things I want.

marjolijn said...

This book looks great, although the Fabulous Surfaces of Linda Monk is also on my wishlist.
And I don't have a real workroom yet. So yours is much better than mine.
gr. Marjolijn

gilby said...

Feel better about my studio now i have seen yours.

Diane said...

Like Gilby I feel much better about my studio now that I have seen yours. I am supposed to be sorting it out but the last time I tidied it up I couldn't find
anything!!! I am thinking about it though.
Sorry about the 2 posts on 5 Jan. The wonders of cyber space.

Emma said...

Just ordered Lynda's new book, a Cristmas treat,looking forward to it.

Here's to a heathier & creative 2012!

designlouise said...
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designlouise said...

my Workroom is not much better still don't they say 'a creative mess is better than tidy idleness' or 'caution enter this sewing room at your own risk' or even 'I don't need to get organized I just need a bigger sewing room' Ho Hum

SheilasEmbroidery said...

Looks almost like my workshop. I took photos of the mess on the floor and vowed to clear it up but only did some and then went and cleared the shed instead!

Robin Mac said...

I love seeing other people's workrooms in a great state of untidiness, though yours is still better than mine! No point entering the giveaway as I already have all the books!!! When will the requirements for Lynda's free online classes be available? Cheers

bois-fleurie said...

Found you on Emma's site,very excited and sent off for one of your books this morning.

Wabbit said...

Ha! Looks like there is still room to walk in your workroom which is more than can be said for mine. I may not even have enough space to make the mess requisite to cleaning it up. So the sewing machine is in the dining room on the table. (There are another couple hidden in the workroom... somewhere!) Can't wait for the class to begin. Loved the book!