Friday, 24 February 2012

Great to be back

Well, that was a hectic few weeks but I'm glad to be back in action - or to be more precise, inaction, as I have a day off. So far this has been spent sofa surfing in a frivolous manner.

We had the photoshoot for the book yesterday and it was quite exciting as Michael suggested that, in addition to the free lessons that accompany our d4daisy books, we made a couple of videos, taking the book techniques further. So we had some trial runs and I think it will be good. They will probably be found in a new d4daisy blog as so many people don't like Facebook or Youtube. More details later. In the pic below I am in my makeshift workshop within Michael's studio. It was great fun making them.

Jo Beattie has written a really lovely workshop for the March issue, on using faces in textiles. She is going to let me use this water-soluble piece for the book.


In between finishing the work for the book, we (we being Clive) have been decorating our bedroom - the last big piece of the bungalow refurbishment. Poor Clive - I fear it is rather a girlie room - my inspiration being a bag of sugared almonds.

As the room faces east, it's quite a cold light, so it needed the dusty pinks to warm it up. Some pale lavender then crept in and the carpet will be a grey-lavender shade. Fitting that next week, so hope to show you the final result soon.

The room had patio doors that were very elderly and draughty so we went for French doors instead. This is the view from the outside as I didn't think you would want to see my washing. Oh dear, it is reflected in the window so you're seeing anyway!

A new doorstep is needed, as you can see.
While the doors were being done, we took the opportunity to have a 'floating' cat-flap put in the back door.

I fear it has rather ruined the look, but so much easier - the old one stopped working and Clive was fed up with being a cat butler.

Speaking of that cat, I thought that I would show you his response to the cold weather. Almost overnight he knitted himself a furry scarf.


It is very impressive and hangs over the basket. Apparently Ragdoll cats change colour and grow ruffs quite late in adolescence - he is nearly three.

I asked him to smile for the camera but the result looks a bit scary.

Sorry about all the cat stuff. Smudge pushes his way in everywhere.


Heather said...

Nice to have you back Maggie - you look very serious in your makeshift workshop. I love Jo Beattie's piece of work.
The bedroom colour scheme sounds beautiful but not too girlie.
Smudge's ruff is splendid and I love his smile. We had a dog who smiled like that.

dorothypandorasbox said...

Hi Maggie,
Glad to see you are put of Purdah.
I think the videos sound a wonderful idea. Hope there is a bit more movement in thme than in that picture though. :-)
As for that cat...he looks too full of himself by himself! Lovely pics.

Julie said...

Welcome back Maggie. Smudge is looking very handsome with his new ruff. Your bedroom will be very glamorous when it's done. We are about to embark on having our bathroom refitted and I'm not looking forward to the upheaval.

Robin Mac said...

Glad to see you back. I love the idea of the videos with the book. Clive will be glad to see the end of the renovating, but it will look lovely with that colour scheme - I agree with Heather, it doesn't sound very girlie to me at all - just elegant! Cheers. Oh, by the way, Smudge looks very impressive in the photos.

Wabbit said...

Nice to see a new post. The French doors look good... or did I say that because it looks just like the French door with which I replaced our old sliding patio door? ;-)) We put the dog door through the wall next to it.

I love seeing the photos of Smudge and reading about him. He's such a pretty boy buy saved from being thought of as a mere fluffball by his adventures.

I'm excited to see the videos. Which reminds me to check out the free classes for the last batch of books!


Sharne Gregory said...

Loking forward to your new book. I like the sound of the video too!

jordi said...

never apologize for Smudge pics, especially that one of his new ruffle. He looks great and VERY smug....
love the face stitchery too...

gilby said...

Just clicked on the Let Me Know button for the new book.The videos with the free lessons will be very interesting.
Love the photographs of Smudge he is a very handsome cat.

gilby said...
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