Monday, 19 March 2012

Giveaway Winners

I seem to have become a Monday blogger so here is this week’s edition. I am after the sympathy vote as my thumb has become very painful so I am trying not to type too much, hence this quick post. If it goes on like this I shall be so keen to get it done that I’ll be sprinting down to that operating table next week.

First, the results of the giveaway. The following two names have been added to the Facebook gang and a couple more books have been added to make five in all. Both Joke and Jean (Singer) have won books. Not sure which ones, as the great packer of books (Fiona) is in charge, but they are all good. Let me know your snail mail addy - just email

I have too much material for my book so the following pics will make a good subject for one of the free lessons.



I’ve been having great fun with a form of water soluble flm that makes pieces really hard – great for jewellery and 3D stuff. These brooches feel like metal.

We have been getting quotes for work on our drive which is in a sad state. First thoughts were just to replace the tarmac but who knew that, as an oil based product, it would become so expensive. For five thousand pounds I expect sterling silver! I guess it will have to be gravel instead.

Remember this chap, wallpapering our bedroom?

He made a lovely job of it and it is nearly finished. I shall show pics in the next blog.


Heather said...

Congrats to the lucky winners. I like the sound of that water soluble stuff - it could be very useful.
I'm sure you'll be pleased with your new look bedroom, and to get your poor thumb sorted out.

Singer said...

This wet, miserable Auckland morning has become so much brighter on reading your blog Maggie. What a lovely surprise it was to see that I have won one of your fabulous book giveaways.
Many thanks.

Robin Mac said...

That water soluble stuff looks very interesting. I sympathise with you about your thumb, I am sure you will be very relieved after the surgery recovers. A gravel driveway sounds good to me - softer finish than that very expensive bitumen! Cheers

Wolfie said...

Hi Maggie, Just wanted to say I have given you an award. You can check it out on my blog

hugs, Ylva