Wednesday, 9 May 2012

The Tipnic

I am very excited as I have run to earth a plant I’ve been searching for – a variety of Tradescantia called Sweet Kate - see right. It has wonderful lime green spiky foliage with a blue/purple flower. I’d seen them in a National Trust garden and finally found them in our local garden centre.

We went for an interesting picnic yesterday. Here we are, sitting on a bench in an apparently sylvan setting, eating our sarnies. (This a very difficult operation when one has been rotated by ninety degrees - why does blogger do this?)

Then you look in the other direction and realise that we have a great view of our local tip – aka the civic amenities site.


We were on our way to the ‘Stone Zone’ to meet the guy who is going to build our new patio. Our job was to choose the stone. Clive has a tip fetish so the fact that we had to pass the tip to get there meant that we were accompanied by a car-load of rubbish.

As it wasn’t worth coming home to eat (our meeting was at one o’clock) we decided on a picnic by the river but the weather looked most threatening so we grabbed our sandwiches and eat where we were. I don’t recommend it as having great scenic beauty.


Finally, I’m in Bedford next week – the 17th, at the local Guild. My talk will be about texture – through stitch, mixed media and other weird ideas.


vintagerockchick said...

You only need to worry when Clive's fetish results in him bringing stuff HOME from the tip. I don't want to see the pair of you on Britain's Biggest Hoarders!!

Robin in WNC said...

In the USA we call this plant Spiderwort. I have two in my garden, I love the combination of chartreuse and bright blue. Mine dies back in late July because of the heat but pops back in April each year. I so love figuring out what your English names for things are, finally figured out you were going by the "dump" as we call it here in the south.

Heather said...

That is such a pretty plant.
You should have turned the bench round to face the other way! My husband has been known to come home from the tip with something 'useful'!
I love those textures - lucky Bedford.