Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Holiday Sketchbooks

I am off on my hols on Friday. also off to Art Van Go to teach tomorrow so have to go up today. Am trying to avoid the Olympic clogged M25. Wish I'd taken more notice of the dates.

Anyway I am packing. My best holiday sketchbook was the one where I forgot all my sketching gear and had to stamp paper in the dirt for colour. Luckily we were in Oz so lots of pigments around. I have blogged about this before but the reason I am reminding you is that I have set myself a challenge for this holiday to see if it works as well.

Remember these pics?

This one is sideways - forgot to printscreen.

They were all drawn with an ordinary ink pen, coloured with lip pencil, eye pencil (even the lemon from our fish and chips).

I also used the pogo handbag camera - a super little gadget - not sure you can still get them. Lovely to stick the little photos in a sketchbook and draw into them.

These pics were taken in the Kakadu National Park, Northern Territories of Australia. I was careful to ask our guide if it was Ok to use the images as I think you have to be careful of other peoples beliefs.

I have decided to upload the new lessons that are free with my Dissolvable Delights book when we are back as it seems silly to put them up and run away. Still just about making the July deadline.
Keep an eye by going to the site and clicking on the free classes button.

Will show you my holiday sketchbook (if it comes out OK) the week after next.


Gill said...

Have a great holiday! I hope you are going somewhere dry!!

Heather said...

Your sketchbook pages are stunning - there are no excuses are there? Where there's a will there's a way!! Have a lovely holiday and I'm looking forward to seeing more wonderful pages.

Maggi said...

Have a lovely holiday and come back with lots of inspiring pages for us to see.

Diane said...

Have been away now trying to catch up. I do love your sketch book. Yes pogo printers are still available. I note they are on Ebay Australia anyway.

Robin Mac said...

Have a super holiday and find the sun! Your sketch pages are truly inspiring. Cheers

Ann said...

Have a relaxing trip. The biggest problem in Canada with the Pogo printer is finding paper. For some reason it can't be shipped from USA. I do love the 2x3 photos & they are perfect for a journal or sketchbook. Look forward to seeing your journal.

Diane Kelsey said...

I have just remembered that my daugter has a Polaroid Pogo. I will have to order some more paper and borrow it. They are still for sale on Amazon.

Kekoa Pika said...

Those are really nice sketches. Subtle colors, maybe I should practice too on my sketches.
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