Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Technology is Out to GET ME

I have been pressing on with the workroom tidy but it is slow going. Is it just me or does this cold, miserable weather slow one down? 

It is looking quite respectable now and I have even managed to find room for the odd piece of work or inspirational artefact.

Needless to say lost treasures have been recovered. This book on using digitising software was a forgotten delight. This page shows African motifs digitised.

The one below is on the cover and explores a variety of surfaces with a simple design. It  made me want to explore that some more as I’d forgotten what fun it was.

I had also forgotten that I have these programs on an ancient, very slow, laptop so I tried to install them on my newer machines. Zero success on that, so far. I can foresee a chat with the guru, the wonderful Stephen Bogod, coming up in the next few days.

Being a glutton for punishment, I also tried to install itunes on the very new machine and couldn’t remember the password. I am now waiting for an email from Apple and feeling rather anti technology. Why did I think it was a good idea to do all this in one day?

On Saturday, we planned a day out as all this snow and cold has resulted in cabin fever. So we shot off to Cirencester to review the Bath Textiles exhibition at Corinium Museum - see below.

We also hoped for a relaxing lunch and a stroll around the shops. What we got was increasing snow fall which became a blizzard on the M4. So we just scuttled around the gallery (lovely exhibition – will be reviewed in the free bit of March Workshop on the Web) and grabbed an all day breakfast in the Little Chef on the way home. Not what we had in mind.

Thanks Lynn, Robin and Heather for the sympathy. The funeral of my cousin went well – it was a humanist service and the presenter was really lovely. Although not based on any particular religion, it was very spiritual. 


Heather said...

Your workroom looks very impressive and makes me feel ashamed! Shame about the technology glitches but enjoy your achievements and feel nice and smug.
I saw the exhibition at Cirencester last week and enjoyed it too. In case you wonder, I am not their Heather Martin. There are two of us!

Ann said...

Weather here- Victoria, Canada - no where near as bad as you have but grey skies & rain make one want to curl up with a book & hibernate. I can't put up a photo of my workroom as I can't get in the door!

Robin Mac said...

Your workroom looks very swish now, so you did pretty well in the horrible weather you seem to be having over there. Technology is for the young I have decided, and you need them beside you most of the time to fix everything up! They can still see to do black on black as well. Looks like a lovely exhibition in Cirencester. Cheers


Hi Maggie
Whilst you are chatting with Stephen Bogod, could you ask him how I can use my Bernina software with windows 7. I have a new computer and I cant use my embroidery machine, there does not appear to be a patch. Bad Bernina
Shelagh Folgate