Thursday, 21 March 2013

Giveaway Winners and a Thin Week

It has not been a good week as I have succumbed to proper, old fashioned flu. The kind that comes with fever, aches and pains, cough, cold, headache and general grumpiness. 

Not only have I felt horribly ill but I have missed several things that I have been looking forward to for ages. Namely:

  • The Kingcombe Stitch Retreat, four days of heaven with my mates.
  • West Country Embroiderers Dorset Day
  • My favourite cousin's big birthday lunch

To add insult to injury I have also given the flu to my friend Elli.

My friend Jane (Wild) has also been a victim - one day ahead of me. Our suspicions that we caught it at a singing workshop were given credence when our singing tutor had to cancel a class due to flu, another victim.

The one bright note was our daily phone calls to check on each other, not so much conversations as prolonged coughing sessions - Jane on her phone, me on mine, spluttering at each other. At least it made us laugh - which made us cough more.

I am on the mend at last but I have such pains in my ribs from all the coughing, Poor  Clive has been worn to a frazzle looking after me.

Winners of the Book/Softsculpt giveaway are:

June Carroll, 



Susan D, 


Anna Nowicki, 


Jacky Ives,


Naida Willis,

Angela Collins,

Jean Dobbie,

Pian Bates.

I shall try to contact you via your blogs but, if you'd like to save a sick woman a lot of trouble, contact me with your snail mail addy, please.


Gill said...

Sorry to hear you haven't been well, hope you're feeling better soon!
I'm one of your lucky winners so I shall email you now.
Take care!

Suztats said...

acchope you're feeling better soon. Take care of yourself.

Heather said...

Flu is really horrid - I've only had it twice and it really knocks the stuffing out of you. Glad you are on the mend - your friends too. Look after yourselves, it is still very cold outside.

Unknown said...

Sorry you are so poorly - we really missed you and Jane at Kingcombe. You missed some yummy food and a yummy chef :-). Hope you get better soon and I am smiling at being a winner :-)

Amanda said...

Whoooo! I'm a winner!! Thank you so much. Wishing get well vibes over to you! :-)

Virginia said...

Dear Maggie,

Lots of sympathy - flu is horrid, isn't it! I do hope you are feeling better soon,


gilby said...

Do hope you are now feeling much better, we could all do with some warm spring sunshine to take awy the winter glums.
My copy of Dales book arrived to-day and i shall be trying out some of Dales ideas.
Many thanks it is a lovely prize.

Angela Collins said...

Can't believe I won something. Softsculpt has now arrived and I can't wait to use it. Thank you so much.