Tuesday, 15 October 2013

The Pictorial Diary

Popping in briefly to give you a quick update on how we are doing chez grey. It's going to have to be very quick as the results of the photo-shoot for the 'six artists' book are currently on their way over the ether and I want to get it off to the designer in the next couple of days. 

It takes quite a long time, first choosing and then dropping the photo numbers into their correct place in the text. When they are all in place, I make a list so that photographer Michael knows which ones to send. Then the text file and images wing their way to wonderful Liz Wiffen, our designer, in Australia. When it comes back, it looks like a book (in PDF form). Magic, but that's when the really hard work begins.

I am still reeling from going to London twice in three days. Driving up for the photos and then on the coach for the Knitting and Stitching Show. Lots of talk on Facebook about the calibre of the exhibitions - generally we thought they were rather sparse. You'll find it on my FB page - search on Maggie Grey. I thought the Graduate Showcase was very good this year. Did you see  Adeline Schwab, the French girl with the miniatures (not a good pic). She has promised us an article for Workshop on the Web.

I loved going with the daughter and the granddaughter. We had a great time - met so many people - but it was jam packed. Lots of knitting stuff this year, the GC was delighted.

Talking of Workshop on the Web, I have had to rush to get it all up together before starting the new d4daisy book work. Everyone raved about the quality of the workshops in the September issue but I think you are all going to love December too. Guess what? I've got Arlee Barr - been after her for a while and you are so going to love her workshop - this is a tiny taste.

I went to review the 62 Group exhibition in a wood in Somerset - the Pink Wood. Wasn't quite sure about it as I am not over keen on the Goldsworthy type stuff. However it was fantastic. The review section of WoW is free to everyone (www.workshopontheweb.com) so I will remind you all to look when the issue comes out. Jan Miller's haunting figure can be seen below. 

It was a lovely sunny day and we met Sian Martin and husband Roy for lunch. Here she is in her new wellies and below is one of her Pink Frames. These were quite fascinating, especially the hanging ones, as the landscape view moved as you changed position.

Some of the exhibits are to be left in the wood so it will be interesting to see what happens to them. I plan a return visit.

I have just noticed that my pics have come. I knew they would some day. Oh. perhaps that was my Prince. As well as the pics I have the following tasks before I can stop for the day:

Sort out my winter clothes. It was freezing this morning. What a muddle on my bed.

Give Smudge a worm tablet - he has been bringing in a lot of livestock lately. Sleeping now as he is on night shift this week.

I am so longing to get some of my own work done. Next week, after the book sorting, it should be possible, but I will have to clear up this first.

Before I can get to this.

Or use some of this (purchases from the K and S). Wish me luck.


Amanda said...

I found it a bit of a struggle with the seemingly more squashed in crowds this year. They could really do with an extra hall to give the punters room to move!! lol

My buys are still in a heap too. Plenty of things to finish off before there's room. Glad I'm not the only one.

Sorry we couldn't find you, must have been the crowds.

Heather said...

What gorgeous goodies. Hope it wont be too long before you can get down to your own work. It seems as if we have lots of lovely things to look forward to this winter. I love the look of that Arlee Barr piece.
I half expected to see Smudge snuggled down among your clothes.

Gina said...

Felt the same about K & S this year - very disappointing. Good luck with the clearing space... I'm attempting the very same thing. Not sure how I clear the space in my head though!

arlee said...

oh, what a lovely surprise to see that tease :)

Maggie Grey said...

It's a great article, Arlee!