Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Onward and Upward

I’m going to do comments first folks, as I don’t want to forget to thank you all for the good thoughts on Cutting book titles. Loved all the ideas and they will go into the melting pot. Got Clive to call a number and the lucky winner is Amanda. I’ll be sending you a copy of the new Approaches to Stitch book.Email your snail mail addy to maggie@workshopontheweb,com
Lynne – I do find that the Sizzix works well as a collagraph press. Not the same as a proper one of course but better than the pasta machine.
I agree with rose-coloured-world that it is difficult to avoid the hair salon sound. So it might have to be a little more literal. Also lots of books already have 'Cutting' Titles - mostly self-help books! 

Dorothy – do you find the Silhouette feeds fabric through OK? I m tempted by the computer linked one but have heard from several people that it can be difficult.

The Approaches book has gone to the printer. It was really hard work at the end as Michael, who works with on the books, is going away at the weekend so we had to get it through the print run before then.

One day I had been sitting at the desktop for so long that my knees set and I had great difficulty escaping from the chair.

Here I am checking the proofs.

They come from the printer in these big sheets and it is really hard to find where the next page follows on.
They have done a brilliant job and it's going to be such a colourful, vibrant book.
Our designer is very good and I love the way she has set the contents page and my introduction. There is a little pic from each of the artists sections.
It should be here by the middle of next week and we will be contacting everyone on the let me know list to tell you about it and how to find the free on-line workshop with Sian Martin. Also who has won one of the many prizes on offer - just for being on the list. If you're not go to - no obligation to buy.
We Met Michael at a service station on the M3 so we could hand over the proofs.
On the way home we diverted in order to look at the wonderful colour in the trees in the New Forest. This year all the trees are lovely but the forest is always special.
I am still working with the cutters and the gesso and ink techniques. Trying out some ideas for Christmas cards. This lot are very soggy - drying out on radiators all over the house.

You may have seen on Facebook that I was very cross because we had to pay to replace a loo that was only a couple of years old because nobody could make the seat fit.
We had three plumbers, four new seats and finally, the man from RAK (the makers). No one could fit one that lasted more than a month.
However, all is not lost and it makes an unusual planter - and so far, all is well with the new one.
I have a question - can cats have nightmares? We were woken at three in the morning by Smudge frantically rattling the kitchen door and hollering at the top of his voice. When we opened it he was shivering and shaking, but with no sign of injury. I had to let him sleep on the bed, he was so scared. He went on telling me about it for ages. I hate hearing about other peoples dreams.


Wabbit said...

Yikes, poor Mr Smudge! I wonder if he saw a ghost? Or someone being mean to a cat? Poor baby! Please give him my sympathy.

Amanda said...

Very excited!!!!

The things you do for your art, I hope the knees are behaving again now. And the loo looks lovely, I'm sure you're both flushed with success.

I hope Smudge is over it all now.

Beverley said...

I've just bought a Silhouette Portrait... as paper is my fabric of choice. Plus I have a Gelli Plate and want to cut my own stencils. So forthcoming book sounds interesting.
Poor Smudge, think cats do dream, they sometimes wake with a start, and hiss.

dorothypandorasbox said...

Maggie, yes the Silhouette works well with fabric..... just follow the instructions and it is worth using the fabric blade... if only to ensure that you aren't using a blunt one that has been used for paper and card... much the same as we do with scissors.
We were just discussing this in the mixed media class today and decided that the Silhouette seems to be the best for fabric.
Hope Mr Smudge has calmed down again by now.

Heather said...

It must be so exciting when you see the proofs of a new book for the first time. Your Christmas cards will be mini works of art. Love the loo planter and poor Smudge just needs a bit of homespun therapy.

Suztats said...

Congrats Amanda!

Judith Logan said...

Looks great! I will have to have a wee nosey over in that Daisy place!

Aussie Jo said...

The new book looks wonderful as does the autumn colours in New Forest.
Our city has a curfew on cats being out at night-maybe Smudge saw a fox?

Sheila said...

Hi Maggie
I saw that you had mentioned the Silhouette machine. I have been thinking about buying one and then discovered a new machine the Brother ScanNCut CM100DM which is a cutting machine with a built in scanner. Looks interesting and easier to use especially with your own drawings. There is talk of it being available internationally in December. You can information about it on and videos on You Tube.

Leonie said...

Ghoulies, ghosties and other things that go bump in the night (-:

Hazeltwig said...

As part of a major refurbishment we have had 3 new Vitra toilets of a similar shape to the one you have cast out and the seats on all of them constantly work loose. Can't justify throwing three out so shall just have to persevere with tightening them up periodically!!