Friday, 14 February 2014

Birch Blog Day 5

No, I haven't quite finished it. Yes, that was my intention, but life got in the way and it's been a day full of phone calls and NPW (non-productive work). There is also the fact that the wonderful lady who keeps our house clean came today. She has seven children and a life like a soap opera, so I can't bear to miss the latest instalment. She also never charges for chat time - even though she goes through the house like a human dynamo when we've had our chat.

One other excuse is my feeling that I needed some bigger leaves as they were all a bit samey - an inevitable consequence of using the cutter. I made one a bit bigger by cutting the Vilene and leaving a gap behind the metal so that it formed a border in front - see below. 

That was OK but I cut a few big leaves freehand just to help things along. They are painted and I am now waiting for Clive to light the fire (yes, that is sexist and yes, I can light fires, but he is better at it than me) so that they dry out.

Anyway I finished the top part and am pleased with how it looks and the colour and tonal balance. They have now been stitched to the wrapped wire and are firmly in place.

The metal looks good and I have darkened some of the leaves and used silver wax to wake them up a bit.

The little strip of organza (on extreme right in photo below) with the fringing looked good, which was a bit of a nuisance as I had to make some more and that took ages.

Glad I decided to use the metal but, again, I had to get the cutter out and make some more.

I have been remiss about comments so here are some answers:

Fibrenell - the varnish was called Plasti-coat Krystal Clear, I think he said that B&Q do it but any Plasti-coat stockist would have it. He said that it wasn't completely  mat and it was best to build it in layers of light spray.

On tidy workrooms - I am with Wabbit as I too need the repetition of putting away to soothe me into getting going. Well, it is a good excuse. Adele - I am horrified at your tidiness. Cultivate chaos at once.

Thank you for all the help in choosing the colour scheme and sorry Gill for toning it down a bit. I have made another piece using the leaf die and that is wildly colourful - I will show you tomorrow.


Heather said...

It gets better each time we see it. The variation in leaf size does make a difference. Love the variety of textures too.

Amanda said...

Really liking it all but really, really like the two metal leaves with embossing in the last two pictures.

Vicki Miller said...

Yes, it does get better each time I see it. It would be so lovely to see it in person as I'm sure the contrast between the wood and metal would be glorious

Spa Somerset Girl said...

The gold leaves are such a cute touch.