Saturday, 23 June 2007


I wasn't going to post today but I fear that I am addicted. Just love all your messages. All I am going to say - well confess, actually, is that I still haven't put away my stuff from the Dundee trip or the Ipswich workshop. I was very low on stuff like embossing powder and metallic waxes and I did a big order, which has now arrived. So I now have that to put away as well.

I am going to start now. Jane Lemon says she never leaves her workshop without setting it all up ready to stitch the next day. I can't even see my sewing machine under the junk!

Dale is a tease just showing us a hint of her garland. Above is a hint of my work for the same publication. Back to the sorting.

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Annica said...

Hi Maggie! We're happy to have you with us here in Blogland! Your blog is looking great!