Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Virtual Fireworks for the Winner

WoW! What a lot of comments - good to meet new ‘commenters’?? commentators?

Now we know how to bring you out from the shadows. Thank you all for the encouraging words - they really do mean such a lot. Too many to answer individually so I’ll just pick out a few.

mycamera - so glad the bit about dry cat food helped. Stevens has been poorly again, which is very disappointing but seems on the up again now.

Anna - yes, I’m hoping to do oodles of work for the mixed media book I’m working on.

Jill, the flower foot is good on older Janomes - which model do you have?

Maybird - so sorry to hear of the fall. Use the fallow time for thinking - it can send you in a whole new direction. If you have one good hand do some drawing with it - even better if it is not your usual hand as it will be more abstract.

Jac - Flower Stitcher usually fine on Berninas but you may need to get the shank extension.

Doreen K - holding kittens is a mixed blessing. Clive and I bear the scars.

Hi, Judy in Tassie. I’d love to go there - Ken Smith has been telling me tales of possum and wonderful scenery.

Maggie - of course you can go in the hat. Fiona is going to do the draw later today and I shall report it ‘live’ as she does it!

Verobirdie - you may live to regret taking in that cute little kitten - pack away your breakables.

So glad you enjoyed the talk, Kate J. You were a great branch to talk to - it really does make a difference. I think two kittens are often so in tune with each other that they don’t need humans. It takes a bit longer to get them to cuddle you.

Phew - that was a busy bit. I’m typing this into Word this morning so I can paste it into the blog this afternoon when Fiona is here to do the draw. Then I shall type into the blog live as she does the draw - so look at the end for the winners.

We will also have an on-line firework display to celebrate, so I hope you all enjoy that.

I took a trip to Dorking branch yesterday for a talk and it was great to meet so many folk who read the blog - Hi to all of you.

Stitchwise, I have been finishing a vessel which was a bit of an experiment with wooden strips acting as a support. While I was working on it (before the bottom went in) I discovered that, actually, it was not a vessel but a cat tunnel.

I was too mean to buy Smudge a tunnel in the pet shop, so it serves me right.
I am quite pleased with the piece. It was much distressed by embellisher and kitten.

I am doing an article on the technique for Quilting Arts - will I have to include Smudge? Here is the 'proper' piece.

Clive has decided that we now have Cat Stevens and Cat Astrophe. It’s like living with a cartoon character as he hurtles from chairback to chairback, then winds up dangling from the windowsill by his front paws until rescued. While we were unpacking the food shopping today, he got stuck in the handle of a ‘bag for life’ and we had to cut it to get him out. Trust us to have a disaster area for a kitten.
This evening I have to take Smudge to the vet for his injection and Clive to the doctor’s for a check up. Hope I don’t muddle them up!

Michael Wicks has just said that he wants my next book, ready to print, by the end of August. There is a good reason for this which I will tell you soon, but I am thrown into such panic that my mind has gone blank and I am unable to write anything. I shall have to go and do some more garage clearance to find inspiration.

Later, that same day.....

Fiona is here and, as I am typing this into the blog she has pulled out - Ta Da...

Stephanie Pettangell, who wins a Flower Stitcher....


.....Guzzisue wins a Flower Stitcher

Ooh, that was a great firework. Did you see it? We've drawn the curtains so they show up really well. Onwards...

Marjorie from Toronto wins a Gizmo

Margaret S from Stockport, Cheshire wins a Gizmo

Gosh - that was a banger!

Teacher Carol in Swansea, Wales, wins a Gizmo

Finally ……(fanfare) ..

Penny from Victor Harbour, South Australia wins the stitched piece.

Please email me on maggie@workshopontheweb.com and tell me your snail mail addies and I’ll get the goodies off to you.

Here’s the set piece - amazing how they could set it up in our small office.

Back soon folks. More giveaways to come.


Cathy said...

Sorry to have missed all the fun but have been busy entertaining. Before that massive house clean and finishing decorating the bathroom. Sounds familiar ..... do hope so!
Great to catch up with your news,
Love Cathy.

Guzzisue said...

thanks so much and I love the kitten- so cute :-) do you think there is a market for kitten distressed textiles? you may start a new craze!

Carol said...

Oh my word, firsty I m so excited to be mentioned on Maggie, godess of textiles blog! Then to have won a Gizmo! Yey! Love the firworks and the kitten in the tunnel. Thanks again for such an insiring year and best of luck with the new book, I am sure you will get over the little bump in the creative flow. A collegue said to me the other day when you don't know where to start, start something and the ret will follow!

jill said...

hi Maggie, enjoyed the fireworks & looking forward to the next book. My Janome is an 8000, I think I can order a flower foot direct from them if it fits.
Jill, who is also in Stockport ( Margaret S)

maybird said...

Stevens is certainly keeping you and Clive entertained, kittens are such characters and full of fun and when they are as cute as Stevens you can forgive the mischief.Thanks for the tip on drawing,we did some 'other hand' drawing when I did my HNC,it certainly was very abstract!Loved the firework display.Now what to draw........

Jackie said...

There's nothing more delightful than a kitten..and yours is particularly gorgeous.

Writer in Residence said...

Thank you so much Maggie! I can hardly wait to try out the Gizmo. I've just started making fabric beads to wear and to incorporate into wall hangings and other creations. The Gizmo will no doubt inspire new directions.
I love your work, and am constantly inspired by your blog and books.
Cheers from Toronto,

Genie said...

Congrats to the winners, Luck y girls. Love the cat distressed vessell/ Tunnell,Kitten looks like he,s keeping you well entertained. LOL.

lcfzx said...

Cats always seem to find the smallest space to get into. I had my wardrobe door open for 0.5 seconds yesterday and realised a couple of minutes afterwards there was my cat- knocking on it to be let back out!
liked the fireworks!

jac said...

He must be in the pictures or you will break his copyrite !
off to search for flower thingy and shank ?

Kate said...

Fab fireworks! Well done to the winners.

verobirdie said...

You definively must include Cat Astrophe in your next article. Ain't he good: provided with the perfect felting needdles that'll grow back if broken...
Can't wait to see your next book.
I'm sure you'll finish on time.

Micki said...

Smudge is adorable. I love your vessel/cat tunnel.

Mermaid's Purse said...

Such beautiful colours in that vessel!

artisbliss said...

Marvelous photos of Smudge with his "toy". I'd say Cat Astrophe just about covers it. The vessel is really, really lovely though. I love the colors. That's usually what grabs me about a piece first.

Digitalgran said...

My Maggie, I enjoyed that post, the firework display and Cat Astrophe.
Congratulations to all the lucky winners!

Digitalgran said...

That was supposed to read My! Maggie :))

Julie said...

Thank you for the laughs and Clive's wit and for the fireworks display! I've just invested in your Image to Stitch book and it's very inspiring. I'm looking forward to the new book - good luck with clearing your mind to reach your deadline.

Divine Synchrondipity said...

If you publish a photo of your vessel/tunnel professionally, you have to include the one with Smudge within endorsing it. That photo is very very sweet: priceless!

Margaret S said...

Can't believe I've won something, made my day....planning now what to do with it. Will email you my address. Thanks a million Maggie and glad to see that Stockport is well represented (Jill). Will try to make contact!!

suzyque said...

Hi Maggie,

I've been lurking in the shadows for a few days and I have to tell you at 2am one nite I was reading about all the things that broke at christmas and the way you told about it...I was sitting here by myself have a good ole giggling fit.

I have been a fan of your since 2006 when I bought Paper, Metal and Stitch. I had just started playing at making books in 2005 when I had to quit work due to an illness. I was to scared to try most of your projects because I had never done anything like that and didn't want to mess it up, but 2 weeks ago I started my first wall hanging, after finding workshop on the web.com I read the Taster but didn't try anyout and ordered the Straps book and WOW!. 2 weeks ago I started a wall hanging following your directions in the the first book..brown paper, felt stitching and a week ago I bought an embellisher and now I'm writing you and hopefully not boring you. I love the workshop and will soon take my lessons and I love each of the books I have and your work is outstanding.

A bit about me I'm a grandma enjoying not working and time to play. In 1951 I lived in Kingsgate Kent next to the Castle on the golf course side. My dad was Air Force stationed at Manston. I became captivated with the middle ages and king and Queen "stuff" and still am. I found your Celtic Book and plan to use some of those ideas. Right now I'm trying to master drawing the knots from a George Blain Book I'v had a while. So enough of my babbling...just know I'm so glad to have found you...I'm not very adventurous on the web nor do I know much about it.

Have a Wonderful Creative week and I'll go back to catch up with your old post.
Linda aka susieque