Saturday, 23 August 2008

Exciting News and an Idea

I have been longing to share some exciting news with you - Michael Wicks and I are going to put together a book for Julia Caprara. It is to be called Exploring Colour and anyone who knows Julia's work will know how fantastic her colour sense is. The format is great, too, as there will be 'Colour School' workshop sessions after each topic covered. These suggest practical assignments to put into practice the ideas that have been discussed. I feel very honoured to be part of this and the photos are just fantastic. Here is a piece of Julia's work.

My book is progressing well and we hope to have both books ready for Ally Pally. I've just finished this triptych piece and it has gone to Michael's for the photos.

I have had such a good idea for my book. Do hope you all think it is, too. I keep getting asked to do on-line classes but haven't had the time recently. Then I thought - why don't I expand some of the ideas from this new book - the mixed media one? Everyone who buys the book will get a password for the free classes, which will take some of the book ideas a lot further. What do you think? I am having such fun with gesso, kozo and grungeboard that I can go on for ever. Well, not quite that, perhaps, but a lot further. Maybe we'll have a Yahoo group as well.

Michael is also doing a woodworkers. book with my WWSIL (wood working son in law) so, as you can imagine, he's rather busy just now. I don't know how he keeps his good-humour. Clive has also been overloaded as he has had to set up a web-site in double-quick time due to the fact that the WWSIL is demonstrating his skills at a show at Westonbirt and needed some flyers for his book. It is fairly basic at the moment but we all have loads of plans for the future. Find it on

We are going to see WWSIL at the show tomorrow with Fiona and Sophie. It will be fascinating to compare it with our stitchy shows and I love Westonbirt arboratum. Hope the weather holds.

Smdge went outside properly for the first time yesterday and lost another of his nine lives when he got stung by a wasp on his paw. He was only playing with it but it took exception. Thank goodness he didn't try to eat it - as it was, the swelling soon went down. Clive says he is now in negative figures with his lives. Last week he got out of a bedroom window on to a high ledge that runs the width of our house and had to be rescued by the man next door, up a ladder, as Clive was in the bath!

I bought him a collar with an identity tag and forgot he was a boy (we have always had lady cats). So he is in the pink and looking rather effeminate, I'm afraid. Good news is that he is not being so nasty to Stevens. She has really told him off and has been demonstrating her parsel tongue (read your Harry Potter) abilities. She has raised the art of hissing to Olympic standards.

Clive may have escaped the ladder work for Smudge but he was in full climbing mode when I lost a little precious piece when it blew out of my workroom window yesterday.

It was a wispy piece of Tyvek, like this one, so I don't think he had a hope of finding it. It didn't take long to make but it was just the perfect shape to go on this little book cover with grungeboard hinges. Isn't it annoying when things like that happen.

One of the joys of WoW and Quiltwow is that I sometimes get exciting parcels of work to photograph. This detail from a wallhanging by Katharine Guerrier shows just how scrumptious the article will be. We decided to put it in September, which is a particularly good issue. We did well at the show so I think all the new subscribers will be happy.

Sorry, rather late answering comments, got a bit carried away.

Thanks for the cake, Gina - I really enjoyed it but will have to work extra hard on the wii-fit now.

T'other Maggie - Smudge has to be removed for health and safety reasons when I use the sewing machine as he chases the needle (that was another life nearly lost).

Jude - so envy you seeing the Klimt. Can't see any way we'll get to it. Boo-hoo.

Judy - InkAid - I can't complain. Both Ario and AVG are very good to me.

Gilby - so glad you enjoyed the talk. I've never given one there before but I shall certainly do it again. The techies were great. Like the sound of that sweetie wrapper. I like InkAid just painted on fabric - going to try using drawing ink on it next.


Stitching with Schnauzer and Siamese said...

We have given up with name tags for the cats... they are all chipped now. I noticed that your carpets are still in one piece. I can never take a pic of our cats on the carpets.... they are ripped to shreds (the carpets not the cats!). Love the idea of freebie lessons to go with the books.. so clever and inspired. Hope it doesn't rain tomorrow at Westonbirt. Have fun.
Best Wishes
Maggie (the other one)

Gina said...

Very exciting news about Julia's book and your idea of extra freebie lessons to go with your book sounds great. Where do you find the time! Have a good weekend.

Diana said...

Great news about your book for Julia, Maggie.
Can't wait for your mixed media book and I looooove the tryptych - those colours are right up my street. I'm one of those who has pestered you about online classes so I'd definitely go for your buy the book/get the password idea - inspired!
Little Smudge looks gorgeous, I'm glad you're enjoying him.

Unknown said...

Really pleased to hear of your book with Julia I'm sure it'll be great like all your books.

I'm really interested in your idea for an on-line group hope it materialises. I can't wait your your new book to come out.

Jane said...

Hi Maggie,I like the sound of a book with added lessons - really the best of both worlds. I love reading online but nothing is quite as good as curling up with a beautifully designed book and a cuppa.

Sandy said...

Online lessons for your books sounds inspired. I have them all and am taking both magazines-can't get enough.

Doreen G said...

Like everyone else Maggie I like the idea of the online lessons to go with the book--what a great idea.

Eileen said...

Count me in for you on-line lessons......this would be wonderful....


Judy said...

Hi! Maggie,

Congratulations on the book for Julia. Ilove the Triptych the colouring is deliciuos. Glad Smudge has some lives left, we keep our cats indoors as they are dynamite on OZ's native birds the cats don't seem to mind as long as we spoil them.

The Online workshops linked to your new book sounds like a super idea.

gilby said...

Hi Maggie, Great news about the book for julia, count me in for the lessons to go with your book.

Joanne in Canada said...

I have been a student at Opus for eight years and am currently going for assessment for the Diploma in Patchwork and Quilting. Your taking on the task of doing a book on colour for Julia warms my heart. She really is a master colourist. Count me in for both books.

Julie said...

Your collaboration for the Julia Caprara book sounds fantastic and Ishall definitiely be looking out for it and your own new mixed media book. Will these be going to Harrogate too?

Your idea for online classes sounds great and very generous.

Glad to hear Smudge is giving Stevens a bit of peace.

I too enjoyed your talk at the NEC - I came home fired with enthusiasm to tackle some of my photos and it brought your book to life.

Aussie Jo said...

Great idea for both books, I've just ordered a new bookshelf too!!!!
I love Julia's bright colour combinations, looks a bit like the conglomeration I'm putting together for 8 year old daughter's rug/blanket.

Maureen said...

Wonderful idea about the book and classes, will look forward even more to Ally Pally!

Maggi said...

Can't wait for your new book to hit the stands and the idea of online follow up sessions sounds a great idea.

textile-alchemist said...

Hi Maggie, you certainly know how to keep us hungry for more..I hope you will keep us gently fed on updates until the books materialise so we can then gorge ourselves! I also hope you are going to have a bumper batchs of the books printed as they are going to fly off the shelf.... My hubby tries to have a `one in one out` policy on books, and l guess like many others l am getting very close to needing another shelf! Creative thinking may be in order...

artisbliss said...

I think your idea is super, I would participate and I'm sure you'd be inundated with online students. Great.

Poor Smudge. He has my sympathy, although kittens will be kittens.

Congrats on your new book(s).

Gill H said...

Idea of follow up tutorials to book is marvellous - count me in Maggie!

Digitalgran said...

I love the idea of a book with Julia and especially the follow up lessons! Fantastic!!!

Michala Gyetvai (Kayla coo) said...

Hi, Just found your blog through gina.
The book on colour sounds wonderful.