Sunday, 10 August 2008

The Sunday Before

Another crazy week, getting ready for the Festival of Quilts. Complicated this time by the fact that I am teaching an academy session and we are also doing a talk. Teaching is not easy, as I want to paint and stitch but there isn't room to do both, so I've had to do all the painting first. Hope everyone is into walnut ink! We are working on frescos and fragments so a pale parchment colour should be good. Here's a quick sample with a 'grungeboard' top border. Not sure if I can get this material to use at the show. I do like it. More on the FoQ later.

It has also been the big renewal time for Workshop on the Web. I don't put 'Aren't we wonderful' letters in the mag unless they have other relevance, but I do so appreciate the comments that you make about how much you enjoy WoW. On a busy day, they really give us a lift so thank you so much. Poor Fiona has been working like a trojan - doing the renewals and getting all our printed matter ready for the show. All in the school holidays, too.

Comments on comments

Smudge is a ragdoll cat, Jackie. I'm not too sure what this means as far as breeding is concerned but they are supposed to be very docile and lay in your arms like a doll. Unfortunately Smudge hasn't read the manual. He is a pale cream now but will develop a pattern over the next couple of years.

Jacqui - I used to edit that magazine. Jo does a great job with it and I still get it. I have loads of back numbers and don't know what I'll do with them when (if) we move. Perhaps the Guild will take them.

Ibbygee - I'll certainly carry on and will hopefully find more possibilities while demo-ing at the show. I an going to concentrate mainly on transfer methods but I expect a bit of design will creep in. I'm going to take a printer instead of a sewing machine, so that will be a change.

Yes, Elli, we used to love doing those courses but the venue closed and evrywhere else wanted too much money to hire a computer suite. They were good courses and we used to do messy stuff too, using the printouts.

Artisue - just been reading about your Amazon purchase. I have had some silver clay for ages. Must try it - does it go off?

Maggi - your seven year old plant eater fills me with dread. Smudge was going to stay with Fiona, who has his sister, while we were away, but trial day yesterday was not a success. He terrorised his little sister so he will go to my other daughter who bred him - and therefore deserves to suffer!

I love your 'At the Lake' quilt, Twila. I'll have to get you to write a workshop for Quiltwow. Contact me on if you are interested.

I have some lovely stuff to display on the stand. Recent Quiltwow pieces include this one (Bursting Rainbow) from Jane Coombes. Wonderful colours.

It was designed using Electric Quilt which I used to play with years ago. I love the intricate look of the piecing.

And the machining is so accurate.

Here is Springtime Stitching by Olga Norris - I'm sure you all know her blog - She poses such interesting questions and is an ace reviewer. I count myself very lucky to have her in my book and she did a great article for Quiltwow.

Plus a detail of the hand stitching.

We will also have work by Jill Packer, Angela Bentley and Yvonne Brown - the latter two are great Workshop on the Web favourites. So come and say hello on stand L29 (if they don't change it at the last minute). I love it when people come up and tell me their blog name. It sound as though we are a secret society - Spooky Stitchers, perhaps? Back blogging after the show when I hope to get back to more frequent posting.


Aussie Jo said...

Very inspirational photos. I love the springtime stitching by Olga Norris, looks like stitching in the 'zone', very otherwordly.

artisbliss said...

This is what I love about art quilters-they take the concept sooo much farther than traditional quilting. The colors in the starburst piece are fabulous.

I had my first PMC3 for over a year before I worked up the nerve to open the package, Maggie. I don't know what kind you have, but if when you open the package it seems a little too dry to work you can add a few (like 5) drops of water to the package and reseal for a couple of days until it's softened back up again.

I've received my new books and I'm glad the delivery coincided with the receipt of more PMC as well. My family may not see much of me for a few days!

artisbliss said...

I forgot to say I love your use of grungeboard in the first piece. That is amazing stuff.

Mermaid's Purse said...

That work by Olga Norris looks stunning - I shall be off to have a look at her blog later. Thanks for keeping those of us who don't have the opportunity to get out and about very much in touch with the textile world!

Digitalgran said...

It was great seeing you both at the show Maggie. How on earth did I miss Quiltwow there? Too busy spending I expect :)