Monday, 13 October 2008

After the Show

Back from the show and excited to find so many comments. Just lovely to hear from you all. I’m so glad you like the book, I am really pleased with it. I shall have to be very careful in future about fastening off all my thread ends - those big, clear pics show up every detail.

Julia’s Caprara’s book, Exploring Colour, is now available on-line. (Ta-Da!!). Go to Michael did so well to get it to the show on Friday. He collected it directly from the printer and then the Ally Pally guys (that’s not what we called them on the day!) wouldn’t let him drive up to unload it, even though he had a pass. He had to carry the boxes up from the car park - what a hassle. Big thanks due to Jan Beaney’s husband Steve, who gave him a hand.

Julia is delighted with the book and it is selling like hot cakes. The colour and quality is amazing and Julia has sections called ‘Colour School’ that follow on from each section and suggest practical assignments and projects to reinforce her colour message. I’m very taken with the idea of making a ‘book of brilliant things’ and plan to start this afternoon.

General points before we talk about the show :

  • Catalogues should be left until soaked right through (positively mushy) and not dried before that happens.

  • Ignore all reports that the truth about catalogues will be revealed on 1st April. That Clive is such a tease.

  • I’ll get ‘on the case’ about the kozo fibres in the USA.
Garnered Stitches - great to see the catalogue photos and, no, you were not the only one. It was huge fun to hear every-ones catalogue stories and I think it prompted several onlookers to buy the book and find out more - not that they will, yet.
Hey, Leanne. I’ve been to Whistler and loved it. Our friends Bonnie & Ron from Vancouver took us when we stayed with them - didn’t ski but enjoyed the trip up in the cable car and the café at the top.
The show was great. I loved so much - Ruth Issett’s colourful display - detail of her banners here.

Jan and Jean were on great form and we had lots of giggles. Their show was an amazing body of work. They manage to be totally individual while still producing an overall display that fits perfectly. Will write more on this later.

I’ve had a blog skim and lots of people are rating the Graduate showcase this year. They are so right, it was awesome. Here is Jackie Langfeld’s work on paper warriors.

A great explanatory panel, too.

Her small pieces were wondrous and I’ve snapped her up for a WoW article.
Our stand looked good, I thought. I resisted my usual urge to cover the screens completely and ran this banner of work from the book along the back. Went a bit mad on the sides though.

I have to show you the sartorial elegance of Clive. At the Festival of Quilts he escaped quality control and it transpired that he had only bought his tatty set-up day clothes!!!! This time I supervised the packing.

I did lots of demos but my brilliant idea about making the pieces for the next exhibition did not work at all. People wanted to know how the samples were made and I just concentrated on showing them. I have made lots of things toward the classes, though and have some new ideas. You always learn new things when playing with a limited range of materials - although sometimes you get egg on your face when experimenting with something new in front of a crowd.

I had some large gatherings and was glad that the aisles seemed a little more spacious than usual. Outstanding moments were with two lovely young students, about fourteen years old, who said ‘Wow’ in unison at every relevant stage. Then there were the three ladies from France. All that way, just for the show. We spoke Franglais and had a great laugh. For all the rest of the demos I described the amount of salt as a soupcon.

No doubt there will be more on the show tomorrow. Suffice to say we had a horrid trip home - stuck on the North Circular for an hour.

Smudge has been to boot camp with daughter Claire, who bred him. He has played non-stop with all his relatives and has been fast alseep in the thread basket since he got home.

Claire is painting her sitting room so you will note that he has paint on his trousers.


jordi said...

You've been BUSY! Am looking at the new book with lust, Have to wait til after the Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool Festival later this month, too much temptation there. Have I remarked on Smudge and how I covet that baby? I had a much loved Siamese for 21 years and sometimes I turn around quickly and still see her. They have such indelible characters. The pile of dog in the chair is a Spanish Water Dog. Highly recommended, smart, playful, non-shedding and a good size for a dog... a midsize you could pick up if you had to. Take a couple of deep breaths and give Smudge a squeeze for me.

Heather said...

Glad you got home from the show safely and that it was such a success. THE book is marvellous and I have already dabbled with gesso on craft vilene and embedded various things - had a great time. Smudge looks so adorable, bet you can't stay cross with him for long no matter what he does. Clive looks a very nice tidy chap in the photo - does he hate wearing a suit as much as my husband? He wore one for work for more than 40 years and now only for weddings and funerals! Not the same suit, I hasten to add!!

Diana said...

Glad you had such a good time at Ally Pally, Maggie - and I like the sound of you talking in Franglais! Peut-etre we could have un peu of that in your blog aussi? I'm sure you'd make it tres funny.
Julia's book looks delicious - will have to weigh up whether I can manage another new book so soon after yours, or can bear to wait a bit longer!
Smudge looks gorgeous, as usual - such a cutie.

Gina said...

What a fabulous account of the show Maggie. Was lovely to see you as ever and I thought Clive looked very smart indeed! I'm thoroughly enjoying both yours and Julia's book.
Gina x

Susan D said...

I don't have a garden to put a catalogue out in, would it work if I put it in a bucket of water to go mushy or does it have to be exposed to the elements for this to work?????

Julie said...

Such a dapper gentleman! So smart in that suit!
My catalogues are getting suitably mushy in the garden, the cover is getting worn away where the rain cascades off the "shed" roof (log cabin type). I took pic but haven't got them on my blog yet.
I was going to have a breather from book buying but now you've tempted me all over again!

Sounds like Ally Pally was great. I hope Harrogate will be as good. Got a bit of a wait tho.

Unknown said...

arrived home from holiday to find your book on the mat, the lovely Lynda had bought it for me as I was missing the show, even just a quick glance through has me drooling, congratulations on another wonderful book.
looking forward to the classes begining

Sonja said...

You can get kozo fibers in the US from:

I have ordered their fiber sampler which is great fun. I boiled my kozo fibers with the caustic in my kitchen before which I was later informed later (by a chemist/artist friend) is not a good idea for health safety. I suppose for purposes other than paper-making it is probably okay not to use the caustic additive. I think I used soda ash, but it was a while ago.

My copy of the book hasn't come yet so I'll have to wait to see how you used it.

Downunderdale said...

kozo fibres you can get from us in OZ Maggie

miclep said...

The three french ladies were very happy to meet you. I know you only by your blog and your books that I collect ! What a pleasure to see you in real and to laugh with you. I tested the experience of the salt's "soupçon". Brillant ! Thank you very much for this demonstration.

Best wishes

JP said...

love julia;'s book that came in less than 24 hours- wow service - the photos in both books are just too delicious!!! - I am so dying to know what to do with my catalogue - it has certainly been soaked today!!!!!!!

jac said...

What a dandy !

(tounge in cheek VBG:) )
Have sent for Julia's book today .

Aussie Jo said...

The show looks like wonderful fun, maybe one day. I have received your book this week and it has wonderfully clear presentation. I like the large page format. I hope Dale gets home in time for us to buy supplies for the workshops.

arlee said...

I'm totally impressed with how fast the book came to me in Canada! It's wet with drool---hope that doesn't mean i have to use it in the catalogue exercise :}