Thursday, 2 October 2008

The Day After

Today life almost got back to normal. We managed to have a shower, do some washing and, at last, we have food. This is thanks to Mr Tesco and his van. We have been so frantic that we've been living out of the freezer for ages, so last night we thought we would eat out to celebrate the book's arrival. In the end there was a minor panic on the Julia book and I had to raid the freezer again.

I have to tell you that we mined the culinary depths with the 'been in the bottom of the freezer for years' crumbed haddock, twinned with Auntie Bessie's Yorkshire puddings (ran out of potatoes) and frozen peas. Not a combination to be repeated in a hurry!.

I shall make a Jamie Oliver 'special fish pie' tonight to redeem myself.

Julia's book has gone to the printers. Hooray. It looks so colourful - here is a spread.

More on that another time. I also had a visit from Jane Wild today, which was great. She has been on a painting holiday and the work she did was wonderful. I'll see her again next week so will take some pics for you. I was making up a board for the K&S using some of the work she loaned me for the book and, deep joy, she gave me one of the pieces. I think she despaired of getting it back, actually. I do like to drool over Jane's work. Here it is.

And this is the board for the stand. Not glued down yet, but looking interesting.

Just a by-the-way: Clive has put up a new, big taster for workshop on the web so have a look. There may be a back issue you haven't seen before.

Thank you all so much for ordering the book and for the enthusiastic feedback.
Diane is so right. When I first edited the Embroidery mag we had some very iffy printers and I know what she means. Our printers are fantastic and have done a great job. Michael is very particular about colour matching.

You will just love the Embellisher, Wabbit. I have a course on it running next month and I am longing to get back to it and do some new samples.

Ibbygee, your course subject sounds fascinating. I think I told you that Clive and I were very involved in our local Mencap and we used to arrange sessions using aromatherapy, together with music and a light show. It was amazing how it calmed everyone down.

Smudge hasn't said anything about the book but he is getting to be less of a handful. His behaviour is more catlike - if nothing is going on he goes to sleep. Having said that he knocked over a big box of paints this morning and savaged a wrapped pipe-cleaner that was stitched into a piece of work.

Lynne - don't think that the book will be at this Harrogate show but it will be at the next, I'm sure.

Edie - yes, let's stop watching the news. It's all so depressing. When I worked for a insurance company we went in mortal fear of the financial watchdogs and now it seems they were not watching at all.

Sharne - I'll put one by for you - introduce yourself, won't you?

Penny - the encaustic wax is a very solid block. Needs a lot of heat to melt it. I must dig out some of my old samples. I used to use it a lot. Will do a post on it after the show.

Thanks so much to all who have said they like the book. So good to hear - thank you.


Miriam Weaver said...

Hi Maggie,
I can't believe how great the service was I ordered the book yesterday and I got in from college this afternoon and the book was waiting for me. I've only had a chance to glance through it but it looks great. I've been reading your blog for some time but have never commented before, I'm hooked on Displacement Mapping and I'm going to use it in the design of my C&G panel. I've also had my Ikea catalogue in the garden for the last few weeks, we just need that rain! See you at the K&S.

Gina said...

Looking forward to the book and the K & S show!

Diana said...

I wish I could comment on the book but mine hasn't arrived yet. Grrr - Fiona was so good to send the books out yesterday but the mail service is so unreliable.
Will let you know when it gets here!

sarariches said...

I haven't got this book yet but have ALL your other books. They are wonderful so I know this one will be as well. I am about to go and slash a catalogue and put it out in the garden....I am totally intrigued by this. I love doing altered books and this seems to be going a step further. Can't wait to see how it all works!

I won;t have much time to do anything creative in the next few weeks as I am going on a pain management programme which sounds like boot camp(!) but the end result will be that I will be dying to go - or dyeing to go, depending.

Thanks Maggie for all your hard work for all of us out here. We appreciate it. Do you have a DVD out that I could buy?

BTW - my daughter has a kitty as well, and lives in a flat in Amsterdam. He got out on the balcony, jumped to the window above, jumped back to the balcony fence - and missed. He was found clinging to the rail by his front paws, two stories up. He has now been banished from the balcony...I am meeting him next week and can;t wait.

Bye for now.

jude said...

I have my book which will be something to read in the evening over this weekend which I am spending with Sue Rangeley - I think it will be an inspiringly diverse combination!

I might even do some stitching!

Sharne Gregory said...

Thank you! can't wait.The colour spread from Julia's book looks good.

chrissythreads said...

Congratulations on another great book. It arrived yesterday and I just keep picking it up to read bits which is very naughty as I really should be reading 'Gender and Art' for my module. Can't wait to get my hands on Julia's book - perhaps I'll get forgiven for reading that one !

textile-alchemist said...

Just a quick dash to your glossary and vilene. I thought l had worked out the differences between vilenes, ie iron in, sew in (and the different weights) and pelmet and pelmet plus. Now there seems to be craft vilene..... is this an old name for a new thing or a new name for an old thing?

Unknown said...

Got my book yesterday, can't believe how quickly it arrived. All thanks to you and your little backroom elves. I've already had a play and am waiting for the gesso to dry at the moment. I've also been digging out your old on-line course material on machine embroidery there are things in there that I'd forgotten about. All great fun, look forward toyour next book. Annette J

Genie said...

Hi maggie,
book has just arrived, need some time now to look through

Diana said...

My book STILL hasn't come, much to my disappointment. If it doesn't arrive tomorrow I will complain to the Post Office!

Diana said...

Phew! My book has arrived! There's a story behind why it’s later than others here, but I won’t turn this into a rant... suffice to say that the PO is not in my good books!
Anyway - what can I say, Maggie... TTMM lives up to expectations. It really is a thing of beauty. I love the large page format, the fabulous pictures, larger-than-usual text and clear font. This really is the book I’ve been waiting for, in more ways than one. I love all things stitchy, but I do like playing with mixed media too, and have been wanting to find “proper” ways for putting it all together, for ages. I enjoy the interaction from courses and workshops but there are none in my area (the ones I want to attend are out of reach because of time, distance and money). I’ve done the local (ie “standard”, not very exciting) textiles courses I want to do, so now I just do a weekly watercolour workshop, which at least gives me a discipline of some kind, if not 100% what I’d like. So, your book and forthcoming classes are just what I’ve been waiting for, Maggie - THANK YOU for all your hard work! This has been a horrible year for me with one thing and another, and the book has really cheered me up. Looking forward to the classes!

Unknown said...

Will be purchasing my copy of your book at K&S this week - please keep a copy for me :-)
I had to collect the pages from my outdoor catalogue today and they are destined for the recycle bin. More on my blog. See you Thursday! Anna

Kaffie said...

Hi Maggie,
Book has arrived, its brilliant, thank you. The photos and layout are excellent, I can't wait to try some techniques and join your online classes when I get back from Ally Pally. (I will be on CTDG stand.) Well done to you and your team. I will try and come to see you at AP. I have been told the show will be a good one.Best wishes Cathy Jupp

Margaret S said...

Book arrived this morning, I did intend having a lie in but decided to prop myself up and indulge myself instead. Can't wait to get up and about after my hip op so that I can get into my workroom and get going. So many juicy projects to try out. My catalogue is well and truely saturated with all this wet weather!!!! Will we need to dry them out?

Lynne said...

My book arrived this morning and though I haven't had time to read any of it yet I just had to compliment you on the quality of the production - the book looks and feels gorgeous - lovely smooth paper, nice smell (yes I smell books, sad person that I am)and the bookmark is a lovely finishing touch. Definitely a quality product and I know the ideas inside will also be fabulous.

Julie said...

Woo hoo! I cannot believe how quickly Fiona got this book out. It arrived yesterday and I have had a play at the gesso and soft clay today. Once I've got it painted up I'll put the results on my blog. I'm really looking forward to the Julia Caprara book too.

magsramsay said...

I've just received my copy of 'Quilting Arts' and very much enjoyed your article on 'Print Magic' I don't know if you are aware tho' that your name isn't on the article, only in the contents table ( and about contributors) I'd complain if I were you! I'm happy to write in to Quilting Arts, I know how important this is

Eileen said...

My book arrived yesterday. It is wonderful. I can't believe how fast it traveled over the "pond". And I got Quilting Arts at the same time. It was a "Maggie" day. I am off today to get some different Gesso....only have Golden's on hand.


Digitalgran said...

I always come away smiling from your blog. Love all the work and I'm looking forward to the arrival of my new book. I think you will like the saga of my decaying catalogue that I posted today Maggie. It just sort of fell into my lap!

Helen said...

Hi Maggie
I have been lurking for a while but thought it was about time I popped my head over the parapet so to speak :-) I loved the article in Quilting Arts this month. I am hoping to find you at K&S to pick up a copy of your new book which is looking wonderful in all the pictures.

Lis in Denmark said...

Dear Maggie.
Again a fantastic book. I sooo look forward to the online classes.
Do you ever sleep?
Will tell my husband, that I won't do the cooking this winter, I want to do Mixed Media.

Carol said...

Mine arrived, and thanks so much Maggie, such a lovely book, pictures are just superb. I am looking forward to some play time now! Hope you have a great time at Ally pally. I am really excited about my catalogue, it is looking decidedly mushy!!!!

jill said...

Got mine too, thanks Fiona for the super fast turnaround. Catalogue is festering nicely, the cats keep going to sitting on it and then realise its damp. Possibly leaving a little extra je ne sais pas?