Sunday, 19 October 2008

A Very Secret Society

Sorry about password confusion on the free classes site. Clive used a very nifty piece of code and we tested it well but it transpired that most auto Windows settings didn't like it. It was such a secret society that only seven people were allowed in! We've taken off the password for the Requirements list and will put it back as a PDF password on the lessons.

Lots of people joining the class Yahoo group and lots of chat about decaying catalogues. This masterpiece was sent to me by Beverly (Ayling-Smith) of Opus. It is lying outside the staircase of a carpark where Beverly goes to the gym and the windows are glazed so it can't be got at. Personally I think she should skip the gym and climb up a few stories of car park to grab it.

Thanks for all the Stevens sympathy - the sad thing is that she is not that old - about ten, we think. She has had all possible tests and an endoscopy but thanks for the warning about needles, Rebecca. Will keep a closer watch on Smudge. The steroids do seem to have boosted Steven's appetitite - I am constantly filling the bowl. Smudge, of course, has to have a little something at the same time and will soon be enormous. He is going for the chop on Tuesday, his cathood will be dented but it might calm him down and we don't intend to breed them.

It will be great to do the regional talk, Jackie - looking forward to that. We once did a regional talk where the projector at the venue didn't work so we used ours. Infortunately the built in screen was really high and Clive worked the projector while standing on a stool, placed on a table with two branch members holding on to his legs. It was hilarious.

Three books at once sounds like inspirational overload, Sonja. But a discerning purchase, I must say.

We trundled up to London in the van and collected another load of books from Michael. Clive drove more slowly this time, so it was much better and we explored Pinner while Michael got the books from the storage place. When we got home we had to unload and stash nearly two thousand books, many of which are now living behind sofas in my house. This works well - the cats love sitting on them, hidden from view - but makes for less floor space. When we got back I sent MW a short email: Home safely, books unloaded, home smaller.


Unknown said...

Maggie - just posted a pic of 5 of my 7 catolgues being killed in various parts of my garden (and out in public but did not take photo of that one incase anyone was watching!!) Can we get Julia's book from you and will it be signed?

Jackie said...

Oh Maggie don't scare me! I am going to do a talk and a class in the Isle of man next weekend and the plan is to take my laptop ..which incidentally is with Hewlett packard being repaired at the moment-and use a digital projector which I havenever done before. Hope I don't have the same troble as you. My 'Clive' is coming but I've never done my talk with him watching and I think it would cramp my style!

jac said...

Just got my second birthday book (Julia's) and had a quick look this morning befor the family decends . A colour rush !
So uplifting , I find this when I go the patchwork shop ,it makes me feel good .
Not sure how I feel about another number higher but as there is not a lot you can do about it,best ignored .

Heather said...

I hope the ladies at the regional talk you gave, appreciated Clive's intrepid working of the projector. That man is a gem - the things he does to keep embroidery alive and thriving!

Quinn said...

I'm a visitor, and am not sogging a catalog at the moment...just had to comment so I could send good wishes to Cat.

Here's hoping the steroids give her a boost over the difficulty, and she gains a new lease on life!

Deb Hardman said...

I've just started a piece inspired by your book. I love the book! Thanks for writing it!

Karen Hurrell said...

Sorry to hear about Stevens. I have a 13-year old cat who has been on steroids for about two years and is doing very well. The testing was the worst bit as I had to face the possibility that he might have something serious. I hope she continues to respond well to the treatment.

debsmuddle said...

Have just started my catalogue decaying.Husband has now decided I have finally lost the plot.Well we are quite dry here so it has required watering.He caught me doing it!!!

Janet Taylor said...

Hi Maggie - it's just dawned on me - your blog is about cats and catalogues at the moment. Wouldn't have worked if you were into dogs - dogs and dogalogues. Sorry, just tickled me this morning!

Unknown said...

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