Sunday, 8 March 2009

Books and Oz Planning

What an exciting week. Have been editing Lynda and Carol's book. It was really hard as I kept wanting to leap up and try out all their tricks. We are in for a real treat with this one, folks.

Mine is coming on well,too - here's a composite of some surfaces from my backgrounds chapter.

Trouble is all my backgrounds have ambitions of being foregrounds but I am enjoying getting back to stitching. Pleased with progress and both books are on track for April.

Talking of stitching I have been playing with this - the Bernina Stitch Regulator. When I tried it before I wasn't keen but I had a go with one belonging to a friend of mine and I'm quite hooked. When I've had more time to play with it I'll report back. Anyone got one - tell us how you like it. I love the tin.

Not a lot to report - too busy working. Poor Clive's bad back turned out to be a kidney infection. He's much better now, thanks to the antibiotics. Good thing I made him go to the docs, wabbit.

Good to have the wabbit back, by the way. Would love to see Smudge's portrait. I've often drawn my other cats but he won't stay still. Never did find out what he'd been up to when he damaged himself, but yesterday he came home smelling of perfume! I hope the explanation was that he'd been visiting my neighbour - he sometimes pops in there to help her cats eat their food.

Glad you liked WoW, Gina - I thought we had some especially exciting folk this time.

Heather - I do hope your eyes are sorted, I remember Val getting her cataracts done and she said the clarity of vision afterwards was incredible - like have a veil removed. Well, that's what it is, I guess.

Going to have a fun afternoon planning our trip to Australia. We are doing the show in Perth with Dale (can't wait) and then going to see the boy in Sydney. Planning a side trip up to Broome. Not getting any interest on the savings so may as well spend it!


Libby Fife said...

Hi-I have been reading your blog for only a little while but have been enjoying it quite a bit. I thought I would say hello and introduce myself.

I do use the BSR and so wanted to leave a comment. I use the foot pedal to run it at a medium high speed which seems to work better than a slower speed using the start button. If you can take a couple of stitches first this seems to help too. I still, however, get some uneven stitches as well as some skipped stitches. It is either me, the needle, the thread or a combination of all three I suppose. I don't feel that the BSR regulates stitch length regardless of the user's actions and the instructions even say as much to that effect. All in all, I do think the BSR "flows" better than just the darning foot. Hope the information is useful and be sure to drop by and say hello:)

Thank You,

Unknown said...

Dropped in for a read & update Maggie. Enjoy your Blog. Not moving very fast with my Altered book but we'll get there, Am testing posting comments too, as tried to on Thelma's and it gave me trouble,
Thanks for all your inspiration
Heather McMAster QLD

Heather said...

Love your background pieces Maggie, and can't wait for the new book. I have been very good and followed all advice during my recovery from the cataract op. (Eyes are fine now, just waiting for new specs.) However, boredom has led me into bad ways and I've been stocking up on all manner of lovely things from two or three of my favourite suppliers. As you say, there is no incentive to save at present. Glad Smudge has come through his mystery ordeal. We get nocturnal visits from a neighbour's cats who eat our cat's food. Ours is very old now and has obviously handed over the baton of supremacy in the area and allows them in. I haven't heard of the stitch regulator but will keep an eye on your blog for more information. How lovely - a trip to Australia and meeting Dale. I've just sent for her book.

Unknown said...

hi Maggie, I ám very curious about the new book from Lynda and Carol, I am glad you conviced them to write it. About the BSR: I am not that exited about it, for me, it works to slow and stitching backwards is a problem, it skips stiches. I confronted Bernina with it and they said it wasn't mend to stitch backwards because the sensor in on the front. I wonder why they don't check with their customers. Have you ever heard of a free emotion embroider that only stitches forwards? (I have to admit that sidewards is not a problem) So I am very curious how you experience it.

Doreen G said...

Hi Maggi
I have my plane fare to Perth paid for and the accommodation booked so now all I am doing is counting the days.
Looking forward to the new books.
Doreen G said...

The BSR foot came with my machine and I took time out last year to test it out. Both modes with and without foot. The stitches I got was no more even or uneven, LOL, than I can produce freemotion with a darning foot on my 27 year old Bernina. If it hadn't come with the machine I wouldn't have invested money in it. The old machine has more room to the right of the needle than the new so freemotion quilting/embroidering gets done on that one. One thing to keep in mind, if you stitch on shiny fabric it easily gets it's knickers in a twist. The only solution I found was to switch the machine off and not start it again with the foot attached.
BTW some people in the US have had their BSR feet updated due to various stitching issues; have not been able to get information about this here in Belgium but maybe Bogod knows something about this. Worth checking out if the foot doesn't perform as it should.
Looking forward to hear how you get on when you put it through it's paces.

Fibrenell said...

Interesting comments about the BSR. I was initially annoyed that I missed it when I bought my Bernina a few years ago but I guess it forces you to work harder at perfecting freemotion yourself.
Oh, how I wish Dale would come back to the Craft show in Sydney- it's not the same and now we miss you, Maggie! Have you plans to do any work in Sydney when you are there?

ElizH said...

Hi Thanks for your blog Maggie - I follow it regularly! I was wondering if you could answer a question for me. I read in QuiltWOW the article by Wendy Cotterill about using Print.Ability. Is that the same thing as Inkaid? If it is not, where could I buy some from? Thanks so much for your help. I wish you were coming to NZ to teach as well as Australia. Maybe next time?

Judy said...


Lovely to know there are two new delicious books in the offing in the future and I like the background work, sorry to here Clive has been unwell but glad he's improving, seems men are always relucant to see the doc..

Virginia said...

Hi Maggie,
I teach people how to use their Bernina machines at our local Bernina shop, and so I know about the BSR, although my 170 doesn't have one. I was underwhelmed because, on most machines, you have to keep your stitch speed moderate to make it work. That means no going-like-the-clappers doing whip stitch etc. SO, you might as well just put in the time and learn how to control speed and movement properly for yourself!

However, Mary, the shop owner told me just this week, that if you've got a spare $10,000 - that's probably about four thousand British pounds - the new top-of-the-range Bernina's BSR lets you go mega fast, AND the machine comes with a huge bobbin, AND (but wait! there's more!) you change the bobbin tension by turning a screw near/on the shuttle system without having to take the bobbin out and fiddle with a tinsy-wincy screw that drops out and gets lost!! How cool is that! Shame about the mortgage I'll need to buy one!

And I "second" ELiz's comments about coming on over to New Zealand on your next trip. We'll make you very welcome here in Wellington.

Aussie Jo said...

I am SOOO excited as we have booked flights and accommodation to Perth for the show and workshop. (thanks for the tip on the unit Doreen) After extensive family discussion, it was decided that eldest daughter would accompany me (the boys will be still tied up with the aussie football season) GO CATS.
We have plans to bicycle around Rottnest Island, visit the wineries (must check how many bottles we can bring back on the plane), Fremantle and Cottosloe and go to the Essendon/West Coast game on Sunday night. Let's all pray for good weather!

Digitalgran said...

I do hope Clive has recovered from his kidney infection by now. Look forward to having both the new books!