Monday, 30 March 2009

Getting the Brush Off

Phew - that was quite a week. Got almost all the work done and met with Lynda and Carol - more on that later. Thanks for the comments.

Thanks, Heather. It was exceedingly busy but quite fun.

Fibrenell - I think there is a certain cachet in having a catalogue stolen by a bush turkey. I am quite surprised that Smudge hasn't brought mine in through the cat flap.

Best of luck with your book Beverly. You'll have to send me a copy to review for WoW.

Wabbit - the lesson may well put you off anything to do with catalogues!

Good to meet you Richmond - drop by again.

Amanda - how flattering that you want to pre-order. Clive will be putting something up on the d4daisy site soon and we''ll have a list of 'let-me-know' people. We're mocking up the covers at the moment which involves hard decisions.

It was a lovely day on Saturday seeing all L and C's work. I can tell you it will be a terrific book. Michael said he has never had work so well presented. I then let the side down by handing over mine in a great muddle and having to sort it into piles on the studio floor. Michael made us have our photos taken which we all hated (I think you can tell this in my photo). I asked him to airbrush it for me but he just laughed.

Time to get the catalogues out. Hopefully they will have had a disinfectant spray and now I'm giving mine a work over with a stiff brush to get rid of any debris.


This one looks a bit boring but it actually has pages that open so I shall treat it like an altered book. There are some good areas where I gouged out holes. The toe of my boot is not part of the design scheme but it wouldn't stay open.


I like this one the best. It has dried really hard - like cardboard. I'll be scared of spoiling it.


This one is shown open - the pages look interesting with the striped effect. More text shows on this and some of it will have to be hidden.


.On Thursday I'll post about the first stages of working with the catalogues. It would have been Wednesday but that is April Fool's Day and I know lots of you are convinced that I am going to say, 'Ha-ha - look at all you dafties burying catalogues'! That is so not true - or is it?


Kaffie said...

Maggie, you never fail to bring a smile to my face. Love your blogs and look forward to the new book and to what April will bring with the catalogues. Are we fools?

I haven't managed to produce any finished articles from your last book and extra lessons yet, but have enjoyed reading the messages and looking at other peoples photos. Many thanks for this.

Best wishes
Cathy J (Kaffie)

Heather said...

Nice to have you back and I'm looking forward to finding out what we do with our catalogues. I hope I can find mine - I brought them in during all that dreadful rain as I was sure they'd liquify and put them somewhere safe! Glad your week went well and I'm also looking forward to being the owner of two more books.

Julie said...

I so hope we're not April Fools :o) My catalogue is rock solid so I'll be interested to see what we are going to do with them. My name will be on the "I want one" list for Lynda and Carol's new book.

Doreen G said...

Now that would be a great April Fools joke Maggie--just think that you have got hundreds of people world wide waiting to find out what to do with their killed catalogue.
I for one can see the funny side of it.
But you wouldn't do that to us ---would you?

Genie said...

Can't wait for Thursday.
saving up for the New Books,

Sharne Gregory said...

Eagerly awaiting both books with cheque book ready!

Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

Ha!!! Thanks for the laugh.

My catalog needs a lot more stewing - so I will have to watch and learn (and if it you all do turn out to be April Fools, I can just pick it up and murmur something about kids littering...)

I would love to send you my book when it comes out - thanks for your interest! I'll also pop in my color wheel system: Eye For Color

Wabbit said...

Maggie, there are probably enough of us ready to buy no matter what the covers will look like that you could just start taking orders for the two new books now!

The catalogs look wonderful and make me sad for mine which had developed beautiful curly pages the last time I saw it. But I'll enjoy everyone else's adventures and do the best I can.

Penny said...

Hi Maggie, back from an eventful trip to Queensland, in hindsight I should have taken my catalogue, just kept it in our swamp of a room! I have one very thick very hard one and two still in the garden. Look forward to both the books and what we do with the "killing"!

Becky Mairi Farrell said...

I'm so intrigued by these catalogues. I've been trawling through your blog as I missed the first stage - did you bury them? What did you do? They look like fab surfaces for working on. Please point me to where I can read about the early stages, I am all poised to dig a hole in the garden!