Thursday, 23 July 2009


Many thanks for all the kind messages and a BIG HUG for Claire and Lozzie. I miss you all. Harry seems to be getting on fine and they should have a new car soon. Lucky that it is the school hols.

Here we are in Oz and it’s wonderful to be back and to hear the flute-like magpie thingies outside the bedroom window. Very warm here in Sydney – good thing I worked on the layers principle for clothes – Dale tells me that it is freezing in Perth.

Bangkok was lovely but very hot and humid. The people are really kind and made sure that we had a great time. The hotel provided a limo and a guide, just for us, at a ridiculous price so we did the Emerald Buddha’s temple and the Grand Palace.




Loved the floral motifs made from all the porcelain that was broken when ornaments were shipped over - see above. Plan to work on this in the sketchbook and print out photos on my baby printer.



On the plane over we proofed Jae’s book which is all about the dynamics of contrast, and it struck me in Bangkok that the contrast between the swish hotel and the street life going on all around it was immense. A marked contrast in temperature, too.

Busy streets.



Hotel foyer.



Then to Oz where Ian, bless him, had got tickets for the Opera House (had a drink and a bite in the Opera House bar). Luckily it was Pericles with drums – the drums were needed to keep us awake. One of the Bard’s more lighthearted romps and brilliantly produced. The sets and lighting were qute inspirational and some work may come out of this. Coming out onto the floodlit quay with the bridge and the ferries was quite breathtaking.


Yesterday we went to the Blue Mountains – a favourite trip when we visit Ian. The Grey tradition is to eat an Ozzie meat pie from a take-away for lunch during this outing. I don’t like meat pies but have to partake or risk being called a poncy Pom. Clive lost the pie-eating contest but won the messiest eater award and had to be cleaned up by our own personal valeting system – aka Pipi the dog.

Today is my Birthday so we are off to Sydney to potter and then to a very posh place tonight for a disgustion! There is a different wine for every course and there are loads of courses. Hope we make the plane for Darwin tomorrow morning.

Not many sleeps now Doreen.


Aussie Jo said...

So glad to see you have arrived safely in Oz. Bangkok looks frenetic.
You are having a far more upmarket trip to Sydney than I did last weekend. My big meal out was an Italian cafe in Glebe Point Rd!
The emails are racing around frantically as we prepare to head west, looking forward to meeting you both.

Aussie Jo said...

Happy ??? birthday.
I have a friend who has avoided turning 50 for a couple of years by not having a party or acknowledging it!! I've told her she'll have to be fifty next year when I am.

Doreen G said...

I'm finding it hard to sleep at present Maggie I keep thinking of things I have to do before we leave--and things I have to check out for when we are in Perth.
Too much excitement.

Amanda Sheridan said...

Happy upside down birthday in Oz!

gilby said...

Happy Birthday Maggie, have a great day.

JP said...

have a great birthday - hope the meal was even better than expected!!!!!!!!!!!!

chrissythreads said...

Gald to hear your son-in-law is on the mend. Hope you have a great trip 'down under' looking forward to reading all about it. Happy Birthday

Heather said...

Happy Birthday Maggie and hope your posh treat came up to expectations. Thankyou for this post with all it's wonderful pics. I love the decorated temple roof and the fearsome figures on guard -such gorgeous patterns and textures. Hope the rest of your trip is as interesting and enjoyable. Glad your son-in-law is making a good recovery.

Sue Krekorian said...

Happy birthday, dear Maggie. I can see Bangkok inspirations appearing in your work on your return! Give my love to Dale and Ian and the Holey Moleys down under when you see them, and carry on having your wonderful adventure!

Sharne Gregory said...

Happy birthday Maggie!!!Have a great meal.

Penny said...

Happy Birthday Maggie. Dale offered me a spot in your class and I was very sorely tempted to come but my physio said no plane trips as the knee is misbehaving a bit after the fall off the table. What a bummer and I would have loved to have been there. Hope for lots of blogposts and photos so I dont feel too left out.

Wabbit said...

Have a wonderful birthday, Maggie. And have a brilliant time in Oz, as well. I'm envying those who get to meet you and take classes from you in person. But I know you'll tell us about it later and am looking forward to that.

Kate said...

Happy Birthday Maggie!
You do make me chuckle - the pie eating and cleaning up after. Sounds like your having a wonderful time. Looking forward to more inspired works of art in future posts.
So glad your SiL is on the mend.
Enjoy the rest of your time in Oz.

Digitalgran said...

Belated Happy Birthday Maggie. Lovely to hear about your trip and the photos are inspirational with lots of ideas for more books we hope? Great one of you both there.

Gloria Miles said...

Loved the pictures of Bangkok, it brought back such lovely memories of our trip for my 60th Birthday three years ago. Enjoy every minute of it and please keep blogging