Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Queen of the Morning

Have you seen Google today? Love the little pic of the Perseid meteor shower.

Glad you all liked the photo - we were supposed to look like John and Yoko, Lynda - not Bill Oddy and Co. Although I wouldn't mind looking like Kate Humble.

Hope you are better, Doreen. It's not the dreaded swine flu is it? Most of the people on the plane coming home were wearing masks and looking like extras in a Doctor Who production.

So lovely to have such a great welcome home. Thank you all. At the moment we are both waking up at exactly 4am - feeling very lively and slaving over our keyboards. By lunchtime we are done for. I've been to the library and stocked up with lots of books for afternoon reads. Past experience suggests that this is a short lived phase and I hope to be normal (is this house ever normal?) soon.

Here's a few last Oz pics to share. I found a new setting on my camera suitable for fast action shots of jumping crocodiles as even the continuous setting wasn't fast enough. This one took eight photos in one. Clever stuff. If only I could remember where I found the menu.

Here are a couple of shots of Hong Kong where we spent a night on the way home. I didn't think I'd like it as all the shopping malls leave me cold. Literally as the Air Conditioning means you need your coat in those places. But there was lots to see and do and I want to go back again. How about this for a coffee stop. High up on mount Victoria (we took the funicular railway) looking down on a little temple.

And this view of the harbour with the ancient boat's prow set against the sky scrapers.

I have never seen so many people in one place - all these little side roads were packed solid. I like the suggestion of speed in this 'semi-swoopy' photo.

Finally this is a pic of a book that one of my lovely students made for me. thanks Jane. It has super paper separating the signatures.


Hope to be back making more sense soon. I have found that when you read back anything produced while jet-lagged it often makes no sense at all. If that is the case here - just bear with me.


Heather said...

I think you are a better looking couple than John and Yoko - even with jet lag. Hong Kong looks amazing - love the view from the coffee shop window and the harbour, but not so keen on all the crowds. I have completely lost my train of thought as I just received parcels from Crafty Notions and Gallery Textiles and it's almost 9pm! Can't wait to open them - sleep well.

Heather said...

Oh yes - I meant to say how beautiful the book is that your student made.

Julie said...

Beautiful book by your student.

Digitalgran said...

Welcome home! Like the J and Y photo. My imagination worked overtime here. Which one of you set the camera timer and rushed back to bed?
Love all the photos, but the best of all is your 'make do' paints. The results are fantastic.

Sonja said...

Luv the Doctor Who reference and the photos! My husband likes to go around saying "Where's my mommy?" referring to the Doctor Who episode where everyone is wearing gas masks.

Wabbit said...

Hong Kong looks like Las Vegas! That place is teeming with people, many of whom have NO idea what to wear to flatter their body type rather than flaunt what they should NOT be flaunting! Incredible people watching there. Only one guy in a particle mask though. A short trip but a good time.

Happy to have you back, making sense or not!

gilby said...

love the photographs and the book. See you at the F.O.Q .

Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

Yes - I see the John and Yoko resemblance! And love your lemon/eye shadow drawings from a few posts ago.

We were camping on August 12 (my birthday) in hopes of seeing the annual meteor showers (as a kid I thought everyone had meteor showers to celebrate their birthday), but all we got were clouds and drizzle - glad someone saw them...