Monday, 21 September 2009

It's a Jae Day

Last week just got away from me. Meant to blog again but it didn’t happen. Highlights were.
  • An exhibition at Highcliffe Castle Dorset. I was invited by Yvonne Morton, who has work in the show. There are three other artists and I think it’s a great balance with painters and a super origami artist – loved her wall hangings.

  • Finally putting away all my teaching stuff and making the house look tidy.

    • Meeting Purple Mister in a garage in Bournemouth. No, not a secret assignation – see below for more details.

      Thanks for all the comments on the lovely metal pieces. I’ll pass them on to the Scottish girls.

      Sandra – loved the cat story. A cowboy cat, obviously.

      Mags, the IT rep - is that you Margaret R, wearing another hat. Love the blog.

      We’ll certainly be at Ally Pally, Penny. Stand number TGE6 (but that could change - they sometimes switch stands without telling you). I have some great stuff to display from the d4daisy books and will be demo-ing techniques, too. Come and find me and perhaps we can grab a coffee together. I must warn you though that we will have to join the long queue for the decent coffee. I am a coffee snob.

      Hi Gill – it worked.

      Sorry to hear about the op, Diana. You’ll be able to get a head start before you go in, and use the time for some planning.

      Glad you liked the metal and paper technique, Love2cre8. (Good name that). I do plan to include this technique as one of the free on-line lessons for those who have purchased the Stitches, Straps and Layers book.

    There will also be free lessons from Lynda and Carol, based on their Stitching the Textured Surface book. Here is a pic from one of their lessons.


    All lessons start on 19th October (details on the d4daisy site – see below) and will have a Yahoo group for all folk doing the d4daisy classes. Should be fun. Sorry if this sounds like an advert but I do love the fact that a book can be a starting point for us all to get together on-line. It is one of the things that I have always wanted to do, ever since I started writing books. Plus, of course, the fact that it makes a really good value package – so much more than just a book. Here is a piece from my metal and paper workshop.




    Talking of books I have an announcement. Ta-da.....Jae Maries book, Contrasting Elements, is launched today on the d4daisy site. Pics from the book below.


    It is such a super book and one that sent me scuttling into the workshop while I was editing it, to try her techniques. I can honestly say that it has changed many aspects of the way I handle contrast and I think my work is the better for it. There is so much more to contrast than just colour and Jae has lots of stitch and paper ideas for using this element to bring the piece alive. Do go to the site to see the new book and the details of the classes.

    Now I will reveal how I met up with Lynda Monk’s husband in a garage. He helped us to bring down Jae’s books from the printer in Essex, together with a goodly stock of all the other books. Thousands of them. I tried my best to help but, although the spirit was willing the arms soon gave out. Thanks to the Monk clan the books are all safe in the lock-up. I can’t tell you how good it feels to look at them all, tucked up in bed and I really can’t say how grateful we are to Ray and Lynda et al.

    Do look at the d4daisy site and get geared up for the classes.


    Heather said...

    I'm looking forward to the on-line classes - it's going to be a busy autumn! Love the piece from your metal and paper workshop. I've just seen Doreen's on her blog and it's wonderful. I daren't buy another book yet having recently run amok on Amazon. I daresay it'll wait for me.

    pascale putz said...

    It's great to hear that you will be at Ally Pally. This will the first time I go there and as I'm a great fan of yours, I really look forward to meeting you.

    Julie said...

    I'll be looking forward to the online classes, Maggi and the Jan Maries book will be finding its way into my collection when I get back from my hols.

    Karen Hurrell said...

    I just ordered Jae's book. I did a workshop with her at Alston Hall (Lancs) in May, which was great, so I can't wait to see her book. Also looking forward to the online classes for the other books.

    Viv said...

    Hi Maggie
    Decided to have a go at blogging myself. Inspired by your blog which I have sneekily looked at over past months. Still getting to grips with the technology. Hope you are Ok. Seems ages since our paths have crossed. The on line classes do sound fun. It does seem to be the in thing at present, but I do still like the Urchfont puds!

    loVe2cre8 said...

    Hi Maggie, if we buy your books from are we still eligible to take the online classes?

    gilby said...

    Hi Maggie,
    Love the colour and texture of the pieces from your paper and metal workshop. Received my copy of Jae Maries book to-day, i have had a quick look and it is stunning, so it is a glass of wine and a good read this evening.I was able to see some of Jae's work at The Hub craft centre this summer. (62 Group exhibition)

    Aussie Jo said...

    Fantastic posts Maggie, so much to follow up on and drool over.
    The amazing Cats have made the Grand Final this weekend but alas we were not lucky in the ticket ballot, we will be bbq'ing and watching on the TV at home.
    Just wondering if you have seen the latest offering by Beryl Taylor over at Quilting Arts, I was quite shocked at such a blatant rip off, although after talking to Dijanne Cevaal at the weekend i shouldn't be surprised. She was quite annoyed after offering Quilting Arts her Lutrador book, when Lesley Riley came out with one extremely similar!
    Here is a copy of the email I have sent to the Editor:
    "Dear Editor,
    I have lost respect for your editorial integrity after reading of Beryl Taylor's new release [Layer by Layer Metal Paper Stitch] and also for Beryl Taylor as an artist.
    Is there really any need to rip off Maggie Grey"s book titles or do you both simply totally lack any creative imagination at all?
    Shame on you both."