Wednesday, 2 September 2009

WoW Rocks and so do my Oz Pics

I could get inspired by the coat too, Joy. I fancy one made from ‘patches’ – little papery pieces with delicate decoration and messages. I’m into lettering at the moment and want to explore it more – could be the next book, but not for a year or so. With the 'd4daisy' hat on, I can say that we have Jae Maries' book at the printers so that will be available in a couple of weeks.

The stove is super Wendy and is still a big novelty. We can’t resist the urge to light it on a grey day but it’s not very eco-friendly when you have to open the patio door as well, to let the heat out. We are resolved to wait for really cold weather for the next lighting.

I wish you weren’t going too, Christine. It’s always so good to meet fellow bloggers.

Heather – it would have been lovely to say Hello. Thank you for your thank you! Glad you are enjoying Workshop on the Web. (For a free taster go to

I thought it was a good, well-balanced issue. That’s not always easy to achieve as the Grand Plan sometimes goes awry. I loved Jackie Langfeld’s vessels.


Carol Mcfee’s surfaces are amazing – their book is galloping off the shelves and

I’m so pleased for them.
I am working on my rockart pics from Oz. This panel is stitched and ready for joining
This has yet to be stitched but I love the colours.
A group of figures which need more stitch for definition. Then it will all be joined somehow. To be decided!



Beautiful work - I love the colours too!


Heather said...

Your rockart pieces are fabulous Maggie - so evocative of their origins.

Doreen G said...

You have captured the Aboriginal art really well Maggie and the colours are perfect.I am hoping to finish my class piece this week--notice I said hoping.

maybird said...

Love the new issue of WOW.Have got Carol and Lynda's book and can't wait to get started,my studio's having a makeover at the moment so feel like my hands are tied behind my back!
Went to Westonbirt myself on Sun,I agree it wasn't such a good one as last year and it was so COLD!!!Did you see the lovely Dingly Dwellings? Thought they were such fun,bought one for my daughter in law who is into fairies,looks great lit up.
Love your rock art pieces,they are so atmospheric,can imagine being in the caves with them.You are so clever!

Digitalgran said...

All beautiful inspiring textures as usual. Love the rock art.

Karen Hurrell said...

All the photos above are amazing. Can't wait to see how your rockart pieces turn out. Must have a look at the new WOW, I've been too busy so far this week.

Jane said...

the textures are pretty special too!

Aussie Jo said...

Your interpretation of the aboriginal rock art is very atmospheric, great colour too.
I have been too busy stitching to blog much. I have just used the romeo technique from the Perth workshop on my current piece, I'll post a picture if it works out okay when it is washed out.
Do you normally send reminders when the subscription to WOW runs out?? I think mine might have but I didn't receive the email last issue.

Linda Stokes said...

Your rock art pieces are wonderful Maggie - very evocative. I so enjoyed doing your W/S in here Perth - hope to get my piece finished soon.