Wednesday 28 October 2009

I'm a bag lady

I've been working on the bag lady challenge for our charity Christmas party. This is a very exclusive affair which started off as a City & Guilds Christmas party, then became a party for all those who studied C&G at our tiny hall in Christchurch, Dorset. This is why it is exclusive as we won't move to a bigger venue and there are always disappointed people who can't get in. The hall is an ordinary village hall but it is right on the estuary of the rivers Stour and Avon and the views are fabulous. It's a wonder we ever got any work done.

We have a speaker (who we manage to persuade to take a pittance in fees), some excellent traders, a competition, raffle etc. but best of all is the lunch. Everyone brings a dish and they all give their all in the making of it. We choose a local charity, this year it is the Youth Cancer Trust who have a hotel near us for teenage sufferers and they give them such a good time. They have too many requests so need to extend and we hope we can help a little.

So, it's the best of all worlds - a great party for a good cause. This year's challenge is to make a bag. (I do hope the term bag lady isn't too non PC for you. My grandchildren told me yesterday that they are not allowed to use the term 'brainstorming' any more as it is not fair to the metally ill.) We were given a pattern - a rectangle of paper which has to be turned ingto a bag. We can add or subtract bits and do anything we like to embellish it. Sue Chapman, our speaker, will have the terrible job of judging it on the day. Here is the pattern.

Here are my ingredients.

Some straps and the background - felt, with Kim T's wonderful dots ironed on.

I love these straps - here is a close up.

What will it be? I shall show you after the party on December 5th but the clue is octopus.

We also have to make gift boxes which we will sell. This is the shape.

Some of the group have made loads but I haven't made one yet. I shall do it at the weekend - honestly girls, I will.


Heather said...

Those Christmas parties sound such super occasions, and this year's charity is a very worthy one. Hope you make lots of money for it. I love the look of your 'ingredients', the colours are gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing the finished article.

Unknown said...

Ha you think your a bag lady!!
You won't have a patch on me Maggie!
Shall email you something!!
Though mine not so adventurous as yours!

JP said...

do you get to keep the bag?! - it looks very colourful - is it for everyday or special occasions only?

Diana said...

The bag looks lovely already Maggie. "Octopus"? Eight straps maybe? Eight sides? Can't wait to find out!

I'm just out of hospital recovering from my op and feeling a bit sore and sorry for myself but hey - what better opportunity to catch up with my reading and really work my way through your book and then the online classes. I'm hoping to be able to make a start in a few days' time - something to look forward to!