Tuesday, 20 October 2009


Heather - you and me both, when it comes to messy demos. Both Carol and Lynda looked immaculate. I just lived in my pinny at Ally Pally.

One for Aussie Jo - this is the Alice Kettle piece I fell in love with. It will be so exciting if you come over here and you must come to the K&S. Pity it's not next year.

Hi Genie and Jac - hope you've found the free classes at
www.d4daisy.com. I do enjoy the Yahoo group, especially when the pics start coming in.

Softsculpt - in the States try Meinke Toy or www.stitchesquiltshop.com

Oh Blomman - what a shame. Do come and see us next year when I'll be one of the exhibitors.

I just been for some R&R at Urchfont Manor College. I belong to a group that meet there - we don't have a dedicated tutor but take it in turns to present ideas to the group. This time we did silk paper, which we all grumbled about - been there, done that etc. But when we got going we had such a good time and everyone had lovely pieces. I discovered new things to do with Carrier Rods - first setting them in a thin layer of silk.

Then I painted it when it was dry - needs ironing but you get the idea.


I then discovered that the silk half-bricks sold by Oliver Twists (wonderful colours) were hollow. Can't really tell here -my pics are not great today - pushed for time.


I pushed a piece of polythene into the middle and wet the rest with wallpaper paste. It turned into a bag - eventually. It took ages to dry, but I can't wait to stitch into it.



The weekend was lovely and I made myself stay in bed longer than my usual 6am and the food, of course, was great.


I feel so much better now and that's just as well as ....Ta Da..... the boy is back. He's spent the summer with my daughter as we were away so much. He seems so glad to be home but I'm afraid that Stevens is under the sofa looking fed-up.


Heather said...

Glad you had a good time at Urchfont. Your silk bag is going to be great - I haven't hear of silk halfbricks before. I love the carrier rod piece. Poor old Stevens, back to normal! Smudge looks as if butter wouldn't melt in his mouth - love to them both. The free online lessons sound wonderful. I've only had time for a quick whizz through them - autumn/winter occupational therapy is looking up! Thankyou so much, and I hope I can leave a similar comment for Lynda and Carol - the laptop wouldn't oblige yesterday.

pascale putz said...

Hello Maggie,
it was so great to be able to meet you and Clive at Ally Pally. Smudge looks more like a young "man" to me.

JP said...

glad you had a good weekend - what a fantastic use for a silk brick and so much easier than all that wet felting to make a bag - clever you

Aussie Jo said...

Amazing piece, it's good to see the pieces where people are pushing the boundaries. I have just downloaded the tutorials from d4daisy, they are fantastic, but unfortunately I'm knee deep in thesis writing and finishing off some angels for an exhibition. However, will have lots of nice projects to play with over the summer break (We get almost 6 weeks). I'm off outside to stitch in the sun!!