Saturday, 19 December 2009

A Pear in a PartridgeTree

I am back from a few days at Urchfont College in Wiltshire. A group of us meet up several times a year to explore new avenues of stitch and it is always such a great time. This time I didn't get much done as I was so tired, but the rest has done the trick and now I am raring to go. The food is always wonderful there but this time they excelled themselves and our Christmas dinner was truly delicious. We had a separate small dining room and played Christmas music on my iphone. It was great fun, especially the Health and Safety note in the crackers - a bit late after they'd been pulled. I left a little early as snow was forecast but no such luck, although it is bitterly cold here - for England!

Remember the pear in the last blog? Here is the finished piece - a pear in a partridge tree.



My daughter gave me a family photo tree but I hadn't got around to adding the photos so this is a seasonal conversion. Looks very Christmassy on the mantlepiece.


It was lovely using my Mulberry Silk threads on the brightly coloured carrier rods. With regard to splitting them, I usually soak them for a few minutes in cold water and then flex them. Finally I try to find a flaky bit along the edge. I don't like them too thin and the ones shown here were just peeled in half - no soaking needed.
I left Smudge with Clive when I was away, something of a risk as he is always more wicked than usual in my absence. He usually goes down to daughter Claire, but this time he was fine and they did some male bonding. So now he no longer sits with me, preferring male company.
He is still bad, though and has developed a nasty habit of tormenting my neighbour's (very well behaved) dog until it pushes through the hedge. He then bolts through the cat flap and comes in shouting, 'Dog! Dog in the garden, go and tell it off!' Spiteful, I'd say.


JP said...

they are gorgous - too nice to take down in January!!!!

Heather said...

Glad you had a good rest and a good time at Urchfont, and the Pear in a Partridge Tree will become a family Christmas heirloom I think - it's delightful and such a clever idea. Our old cat has similar characteristics to Smudge and winds up our daughter's little Jack Russell. When the dog barks at the cat having been stalked and glared at, it's the dog who gets into trouble!

Vicki W said...

That's terrific!

Julie said...

That's a great use for the phot frame stand ( my Mum has one of those frames too). I love the mental image of Smudge rushing through the cat flap shouting 'Dog!' You can have some of our snow if you like ;o) Hope it clears tomorrow, I need to go to Sainsburys!

Aussie Jo said...

Lovely chrissie tree, some of those partridges appear quite acrobatic.
Smudge is definitely one smart cat!

Quinn said...

I love Smudge :)

Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

Lovely pear and partridge tree! Are the Dove Turtles next?!

Happy Christmas!

pascale putz said...

I love these little birds, Maggie. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

gilby said...

Love the tree idea.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all.

Penny said...

Lovely. Have a lovely Christmas and a joyful New Year.