Thursday, 28 January 2010

A Great Exhibition

Heather - Last of the Summer Wine is a great analogy. Thora Hird's car was wonderful. Loved that series - I have a relative who collects antiques and is always trying to sell you something. Needless to say she is known in the family as Auntie Wainwright.

Magpie - yes, I shall do a step-by step on the icon technique in the June Workshop on the Web. Just for you.

JP - it's so true that only other makers appreciate the work involved in textiles - makes it so difficult to price. As Constance Howard once said 'You don't want it all under the bed at the end of the day'. This does sometimes mean that we'd be better off working in the chip shop than selling our art. Not so smelly though.

Yvette, you don't have to wait - get it from now, and then join in with the free classes. (Unashamed plug for book, sorry!)

Hi to Robin - how's your weather?

We went to the Alice Kettle exhibition on Saturday - it was great. I've reviewed it for the free bit of March WoW so I won't waffle on too much, but can recommend it. Alice said I could show you a few pics.



The book above, which was a result of a collaboration between Alice and ceramicist Stephen Dixon, was just too wonderful and gives a whole new slant on concertina books. Every page a gem.

I loved the catalogue - had to buy one as it had such a delicate piece of stitching. A bit of Alice, I thought. Then I left it on the coffee table and someone with a dirty paw trod on it! Grrrr.

The exhibition is on until March 13 at the Crafts Study Centre, University for the Creative Arts, Farnham, Surrey, Do try to go.


Maggie Grey said...

I forgot to say that I need some newshounds for the March WoW. Do you know any interesting news - anything textile-based that's news-worthy happening in your neck of the woods? No exhibitions please, unless they are realy, really unusual. Tell me on Br great to make it world-wide.

Heather said...

How thoughtful of Smudge to sign your copy of the catalogue - a signed copy always has greater value!

Anonymous said...

I am fascinated with concertina books! I'm with Heather... very thoughtful of Smudge to leave his seal of approval! I'm looking forward to June for that workhop on the web! Thanks!

jackie said...

Thanks for letting us know about this I really should see it - as long as there is no more snow.

jude said...

I am a little behind. I have just seen a ripped Smudge; now, my three are having aggro from Merlin, two doors away who seems to love our decking. Mr Bojangles, the giant tabby who normally doesn't say boo to a goose has had enough and has taken a stand on more than one occasion. I came home last night to find Steve with the cat flap in one hand and the frame in the other. Bobes had just had enough and took the door off, so anxious was he to get at Merlin. We are considering hinges on the top of the door to save on new cat flaps.