Monday, 5 April 2010

Back on Track

Hooray! The Sue Rangeley book has gone to the printers and I am a free woman - at least until the printer's proofs arrive next week. I seem to have been gone for ages so make yourselves comfortable and let's have a great gossip.

I didn't quite finish talking about the Madeira Show at the NEC. I was impressed - might even consider taking a stand next year. I'm lusting after a digital cutter - Kim Thittichai has been playing with one and I'd love to have a go. I bet they cost arms and legs - does anyone know how much? Here are a couple of Kim's designs.

Her stand was good - here is Jemma from Vilene minding it for her - they sponsored the workshops which all looked great fun.
Today I managed an hour in the workroom, producing a design to stitch at the Beyond Stitch group tomorrow. I have been so busy that I haven't seen any of my friends lately - even missed the Solstice Sisterhood's lunch last week - so it'll be good to catch up with everyone.
I am working on a series called The Writing on the Wall - hope to show it at the Knitting & Stitching show as part of the Wessex Textiles exhibition. It will also be good for the Italian teaching trip as part of it is based on frescos and old walls. Taking the form of long thin horizontal textiles - mostly mixed media - I'm working some rough designs in a long thin sketch books. Here is one of them - just papers and oddments laying down ready to be stuck.
Plus a detail. It is possible, using an adapted Isobel Hall technique (such a clever girl, our book is coming on well), to get a very fresco-like look with Evolon. More details later.
Lots of painted Evolon is emerging from the workroom. I like this messy stage - getting the background paper and fabric painted, ready for the next stage.
Any of you lot across the water got an ipad yet? Clive is desperate to get one - he thinks it will totally change the way publishing happens - could be good for Workshop on the Web. We'd be able to be really interactive, with lots of videos, all on a fairly light piece of kit that could be propped up in the workroom. In the meantime, Fiona is working on a Facebook page for WoW so we will be able to have our movies there for now. Watch this space.
More gossip - I have lost 16 pounds in weight on a rather odd diet. The woodworking-son-in-law read about it in a magazine, tried it, lost weight and felt really well. I have been at it for the last six weeks. You diet every other day - calorie counting and going very low. It is supposed to be about 6oo kcals but my intake is usually around 700. The next day you eat whatever you like. The theory is that your body gets confused and doesn't shut down the metabolism because of the big eating day. The first week is hell and then you realise that you actually have more energy on the low days and feel incredibly virtuous. My halo is shining so brightly that we don't have to have the lights on until 7pm (or is that the clocks going back?). I have slowed down a little and just do Monday Wednesday and Friday as 'low' days, with a careful weekend.
I'll report back on the latest losses soon. (If I go quiet on that topic you will know why!). Meanwhile - back to the workroom.


Heather said...

Nice to have you back Maggie. Your sketchbook pages are so beautiful and I like the sound of painted Evolon but haven't tried it yet. Oh goody - another book! Congrats on your weightloss - I have lost a few pounds but only by having a double dose of a tummy bug. I daresy most of it will return as soon as I start eating properly again.

Aussie Jo said...

Wow Maggie, I won't recognise you, 16 pounds is a lot of weight. I have just spent Easter hiking up and down the hills at Gellibrand, hoping I have toned up a bit!! The evolon sounds interesting, maybe I should get Dale to add some to my order.

Jackie said...

I like the sound of that diet. But aren't you very hungry on the low days at teh time when you would be eating your big meal?
Love the fresco effects.

Mavis Wright said...

ipad, iphone, ipod, what are they? I only learnt to text on my basic phone last year and have just discovered what an 'app' is!! I'm afraid the technological age is going too fast for me. And now digital cutters???

Pat said...

Wow, that's some weight loss. Sounds butal though. With the pace of your life it is a wonder you had any spare flesh in the first place. Love the Evolon.

sulphursue said...

Well done on the weight loss! When I was a student at Windsor and moving to the new building, we were consulted about what equipment we'd like - laser cutter, I said! However, when I enquired the price, it was similar to a car, I think - so out of the question! Think you can only use it on synthetics. Useful guidance is on

Wabbit said...

What sort of a digital cutter? I have a silhouette that will cut CorelDraw files on paper and a few other things that are not too thick, though I have only tried paper. It was $99, so not horribly expensive. Yes, you can buy a Pazzles and spend over $1000 but I thought I'd try something within the budget first. I should play with it more and really find out what it can do though.

I'm pouting because I can't go to your class in Italy.Plus, I've been busy going to art retreats and soldering charms. Must get back to stitching!

JP said...

glad you are back - congratulations on the weight loss but even more for this lovely work!!!

liniecat said...

Great weight loss Maggie, well done! That method might be within my abilities, one day I will, one day I to a T!
I have just uploaded two 'killed cats' on my blogspot, still work in progress but definately progressing now lol
I know youd wanted to see pics, so will put them on my blog for each stage.
I bought some of that Evolon at NEc myself, now I might know what to 'do' with it! Tx lol

jude said...

£295 - and it's definitely speaking to me, Maggie. I can hear it calling my name...

Jill R said...

Congrats on the weight loss. Where can we find the details of the diet?
Always enjoy looking at your wonderful work.

Unknown said...

iPad- a tech junkie friend of mine has one and loves it for media presentation but says as a productivity device it can be a little clumsy.
He suggested I avoid getting one because I am a touch typist (apparently an increasingly rare bird nowadays) and a trainee tech junkie and he said I would get frustrated with the touch pad keyboard- had a play with it and I did LOL

vintagerockchick said...

Lovely work Maggie - more things to try! But more importantly - I'm really interested in the diet - sounds like the perfect plan for me as I'm quite happy to go without food some days if I can eat what I like the next - is that really all there is to it?

Gloria Miles said...

Hi Maggie,
Go check out for up to date info about the new IPAD, its my sons web site and he got one yesterday from the States, they are out here in about 6 weeks, but go read all about it.

Georgayne said...

Hi Maggie!
I am leaving this comment on my iPad that I received on Apr 3 here in the states. My husband and I are dedicated Apple users- we both have iMacs, iPhones and iPads. after using the iPad my iPhones screen seems so teeny tiny. My husband will use his at work for document handling and so far I have found that it is perfect for "couch surfing" when I want to be in the living room with my husband and tv. Almost all the iPhone apps woke just the same and the ones written especially for the iPad are spectacular.
Your photos of your work in progress are beautiful and so inspiring. Look forward to trying Evolon.

Jane said...

Hi Maggie, don't know about ipads but I have copies of WOW on my Cool-ER reader which tucks into my handbag when I am out and about. Only does text and b/w pics but very small and light.

Digitalgran said...

Lovely to catch up with you again. Will I recogniize you at Ally Pally? Great weight loss and lovely work for AP. Love the idea of that long book.

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