Monday, 12 April 2010

This and That

Lovely to have so many comments - all answered a little further down the blog.

We have had a fraught time (what else is new!) mostly with cats. Smudge chased Stevens who bit him with her poison fang, so we've been rushing to and from the vet, dealing with the resulting abscess. He's now fine but she is going downhill fast (nothing to do with the chase, she's been ill for a while) and I fear we will have to make the dreaded decision soon. I'd hoped she could have another summer but it doesn't seem likely.

To more cheerful subjects - we had a day out on Saturday and saw two great exhibitions. The first was Sian Martin's 'Stitch' group exhibition at the Green Fig Gallery in Taunton, Somerset - fabulous stuff. I've reviewed it for the next WoW so won't show too much but here is a little taster, one of Carol Griffin's pieces based on lips.



Followed by one of Tricia Hubbard's environmental pieces.



Then on to Glastonbury where we found Alicia Merrett, quilter and Nina Gronw-Lewis, glass artist at the Rural Life Museum. I do love glass - just look at this work.


Quilts look great when viewed through glass - see below.



The quilts and the glass worked so well together and Alicia's colours are brilliant - in every sense. the piece below is called Earth Trilogy.

Again I've reviewed this in the unrestricted part of Workshop on the Web so look for the review in June.



Must show you these pics from my Beyond Stitch group's last meeting. Textiles as a hazardous occupation.


Jeanne and Glynda were using some powdered D'uva paints and we weren't sure if they were a hazard. Better safe than sorry! I've always used these with a special solution but they seemed to work great on top of gesso.

Not really the way you want to lose weight, Heather. Hope you are better now.

Sulphursue (how did you get that name?) thanks for info.

Thanks for cutter details Wabbit -what is your cutter called? Do you download a file or is the cutter USB attached? That is my price range!

Jude - what make is yours? any info?

Liniecat I lust after your funeral director's diary. She is catalogue killing - do go to her blog and look. You'll find her in the last lot of comments.

The diet - yes, at first you are very hungry, Jackie but, honestly, I don't notice it now. In fact I quite look forward to the 'down' days. I had a good eat at Easter so haven't weighed since. Back on the diet now.

J - I can't remember the diet guy's name but will find out and post next time.

Gill - it really is that easy. It's a bit like jam tomorrow and never jam today.

Robyn - I do find the iphone touch keys very difficult and would rather have a pull-out and stylus.

Thanks for the site info Gloria, will check that out.

Georgayne - envy, envy, envy

Jane - really interested that WoW works OK on your CoolEr reader. I got my first ebook (or ibook) when I ran out of books at Easter when shops were shut. I found it quite OK to read on the iphone. My main beef is that ebooks seem so expensive - not much cheaper than Amazon paperbacks.

Back very soon folks. The Sue Rangeley book is at the printers and printer proofs are due this week. At last. I am planning a super give-away for early orders so check out to get your name on the list to be notified.


Heather said...

Amazing pieces from 'Stitch' group - so innovative. Gorgeous glass and wonderful quilt. Yes, I am better Maggie and bought Stitch mag. today and have enjoyed your article on two of my other favourite textile artists, and your 'favourite things'. Poor old Stevens - our cat is nearly 18 and wont be with us much longer I fear. Poor Smudge too, though he did get his photo in the magazine.

Julie said...

Thank you for showing the exhibition pieces Maggie, especially for those of us who live too far to go. Poor Stevens, it's so hard when your pets are elderly and infirm. Hope smudge soon recovers.

sulphursue said...

Loved the quilts and glass, Maggie! My name may not be what you a previous life, i.e when I had to earn money, I worked in the chemical industry and traded sulphur. It was very much a man's world (it was great!) so I was well known around the world - I hope for all the right reasons.
Now I stitch and have a whale of a time. Great blog. Keep it up (please!).

Anonymous said...
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jude said...
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jude said...

try again. Bernina, I don't own one as I'm not sure if it's available yet but they were quoting £295 and I'm sure the rest won't be too far behind!

liniecat said...

Love the patchwork connection with the glass, must have been impressive to see it live as it were, mitt sunbeams!
I must thank you Maggie for the fab package that arrived! Ive posted a pic on my blog, its really sumptuous!
I was in cat rescue for some 18 years and the only way I think you can look at it, is that, that last decision you make for your animal companion, is the last act of love that you offer them.
Take care, Lyn

Wabbit said...

Maggie, my cutter is the Silhouette Digital Craft Cutter and yes, you attach it to your computer via USB cable and then "print" to it. It comes with the Robo Craft program you need and can cut from CorelDraw and I think Illustrator as well. Further, you can buy shape files from their online store for 99 cents, so not horribly costly.

I'm so sorry to hear that Stevens is not doing well. I'm sure most of us have been through that and can empathize with you and Clive. How mean of Smudge to torment Stevens into action. Naughty kitty!