Saturday, 26 June 2010


I like your ideas Aussie Jo. Jane Wild and I were wanting to call our Paper, Metal and Stitch book 'Stuff and What to do with it'. Lots of the stuff in the new book is based on frescos, both Isobel and I are quite hooked on them. In fact it is quite remarkable how we both keep coming up with similar design sources, without discussing them. Our work is quite different so it doesn't matter too much. I do love Isobel's laminating techniques - here's a little sample of a sketchbook wrap I finished today. You can't see it but there is some text laminated to silk paper here.



Isobel is great to work with and you are right about her earlier books, Carol. You are no slouch on the work front - I love the article you've written for the next Workshop on the Web. Amazing art books.

Yes, Heather - it was great work at Windsor this year. It was so encouraging to see the City and Guilds work looking so strong. I talked to Margaret Walker from C&G and she says that there are lots more smaller establishments and individual teachers setting up c&g classes, rather than Adult Ed. Good if that proves the way to go.

Good to meet fabriquefantastique and welcome aboard.
It is so hot here and Smudge is roasting in his thick coat. Lots of it is spread around the house - I could knit another cat. This morning he was sitting panting under the cherry tree when a bird fell on his head. I don't know which of them was more surprised but Smudge wasn't slow to grab it. The poor young fledgling had a breakneck tour of the house and garden with Clive and me in hot pursuit. We did get it away from him and it flew off, so I hope it survivved. I bet it thinks that the world outside the nest is a scary place. This afternoon we rescued a frog from the jaws of hell and then Smudge went for the hat-trick and attacked next-door's dog - a large spaniel. This time it him who needed to be saved from the jaws.
We are having another try at house selling. The guy came to take photos and I forgot to put away my sewing machine. Which was on the table in the 'breakfast room'. (We didn't know we had one of those, we call it the little room off the kitchen, or the thingy room!)


So my Bernina is immortalised on the Right Move site, for all to see.

Not getting excited - we caused the last property crash and have every reason to believe we'll cause another one. I'll keep you posted.


Heather said...

I'm so looking forward to the new book - the book wrap is stunning. The hot weather has obviously gone to Smudge's head - glad you saved him, the fledgling and frog. There's nothing wrong with a Bernina in the shot! I'd buy a house from a Bernina owner. I imagine you are upsizing in order to accommodate more stuff!! Hope you make a good sale - it's a more traumatic business than World Cup football.

Jensters said...

Love the sketchbook wrap and the colours....but can i ask what is hoping to do a c&g course in september!

kim said...

Perhaps you'll get a buyer who sees that thingy room as the perfect place to sew!


Good luck with your house move. Your house looks so tidy for such a very busy lady


Becky Mairi Farrell said...

Gorgeous sketchbook cover! Love that combination of colours, am very intrigued to know how it works.

I actually did laugh out loud at your comment on knitting another cat! I think I could knit several from the fur my 2 leave around - although I think I'd rather get the fur under the needles of the embellisher - might even do that! Whole new cottage industry selling cat tops coming...

Will you be at FOQ? I'm aiming to get there this year so we may meet irl :)

Unknown said...

Great Show (FOQ) Did manage to speak to you on stand. I am overawed with enthusiasm. I think it was the best one ever!.

Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing your photos from the show. Its fab to see when you live so far away.