Friday, 2 July 2010

Who wants a Scan'n' Sew?

The house move -we are actually hoping to downsize, Heather. Heaven knows where all the stuff will go!

Jensters - great that you are planning a C&G course - you won't regret it. Frescos are a form of wall painting, usually much faded and distressed and a source of inspiration to those of us who like the 'tatty' look. Here's one I've been playing with.



And here is a very small pic of a piece I'm working on for the book, using that image. I saved it as a thumbnail to send to Isobel and forgot to save it big as well. So you'll have to buy the book!

Yes, Kim - perhaps they should market our house as 'complete with thingy room for all your stitching needs'.
Lovestitchingred - my house does not usually look like this - even my messy room is tidy. It won't last. I am already having the thought that prospective buyers will have to take us as they find us.
In view of the downsize I'm having a garage clear out and have 2 Janome Memory Craft scan'n sew scanners to give away. One for the 8000 and one for the 9000 machine. They are heavy so anyone who wants one will have to pay the carriage.

Although they only stitch a small area, they are great for stitching motifs and I had great fun with them. It was a long time ago that I last used them but they still work well. I do remember that you could get very creative with these scanners and Val and I did some great stuff together.
If lots of you want them I'll pull the names out of a hat and then save a design and post it to the winners to check that their machine's read them OK. Leave a comment if you're interested.
I have sent the text of the book, that Isobel Hall and I are writing, to the copy-editor, so that is well under way. I have finished my big fresco piece - it will also be at the K&S show exhibition. The book majors on mixed media and Isobel has introduced me to Light Molding Paste - much more flexible than the ordinary kind and good for hand and machine stitching. I've had a lot of fun with it.
This afternoon we are really pushing the boat out and taking the whole family to the Cat's Protection League Summer Fair. We know how to give the kids a good time.


scooter said...

Fabulous fresco!! When - oh when! - is that book coming out? you guys are killing me here....the waiting....arrrrghhh.

I so enjoy your well as your books (I think I have them all) and WOW. I really like the British and Australian take on fiber arts....a completely different approach than what I see here in the U.S. Don't get me wrong - we have incredible fiber artists here...amazing work from hugely talented folks. But I really like what you all are doing across the pond. It inspires me.

I hope one day to take a C & G course.

Great blog - lots of fun to read. I'm not much for blogs, but yours is great fun.

scooter in San Francisco

Hillside Threads said...

Ooh! Now that sounds like another toy I could play with. Having seen some of the stuff you and Val did with them back then I could have lots of fun. I have a Pfaff 2144 but it accepts most formats. Can you scan into the computer then download to sewing machine from there. If so could I put my name down for one? Living in the South also, maybe I could drive along and collect if lucky.

KerryFelter said...

Hi Magstitch,

Help me out--what's a Scan and Sew? Does it attach only to Janome's? I am looking for something that will machine embroider text pieces, like lines of poetry that I can incorporate into textile pieces. Will this do that or is there another such wonder product? I am in Ireland so would the shipping be horrendous??? Kerryfelter

Writer in Residence said...

Hi Maggie, We are also in the process of downsizing. We made scale cut-outs of all our furniture and placed them on a floor plan of all the rooms in the house we've bought. Eeeek! Not enough room! Too much furniture! My only advice: move every ten years at least, and start early to get rid of things.
Love all your work. You're a great inspiration.
Cheers, Marjorie

Heather said...

Gorgeous fresco and I love your piece of work. The book sounds fantastic - just right for Christmas or my birthday. Good luck with the house sale and hope the move is painless when you get that far.

Sharne Gregory said...

When are you hoping to publish your new book? In time for Ally Pally?

Caroline Peña Bray said...

So delighted to have found your blog and esp. this post. Yesterday I fell in love with a fresco similar to this made by a friend of my boyfriend's family in Cyprus, a very elderly lady with endless talent and drive. I was too shy to ask how to make a fresco so I was wondering if you have any process guides on your blog or indeed in a book? Any advice would be very welcome. Many thanks in advance and I'm looking forward to returning here soon.

Diane said...

Hello Maggie,
Brian is looking to downsize but at the same time there has to be a house outside to house all my 'junk'!!
I am working on one of my major assessment pieces for C&G and using some of the techniques you taught us in Puglia. Thank you.

Diane in Australia

scooter said...

Does anyone know where I can get the "Paper and Beyond" c.d.? in U.S. format, if there's a difference. I have tried on both Amazon U.S. and luck.

Thanks - Cleta

Wabbit said...

You've always got something interesting to say and show. I'm with scooter on being wowed by the Aussie and British fiber arts. Y'all are always so cutting edge. And yes, someday on the C&G course for me too. I thought I'd comment and let you know that I'm still out here reading. For once, one of the silent ones! ;-))

Gail Jorgensen said...

I don't know how to get in touch with you Maggie, but I want to go to Italy with you next year. I wanted to this year, but was too late. What do I do to get in touch with you? I am useless with this thing (computer) so if anyone sees this and knows how to get in touch with Maggie, please let me know. I am a Brit from Surrey, UK now living in Fresno California. Am a fiber artist/mixed media artist and longing to work with Maggie.

robin327 said...


I've been looking for a scan & sew for my MC8000 for 2 years (that I could afford!). Do you still have it available; and how much? I would so LOVE it! I've figured out how to use my Cricut to cut fabric appliqué but I want to play with embroidery more!

Please let me know if my search is over!!! Thanks!


bunny said...

hello! I really hope you don't mind, but i've chosen to study your work for one of my modules in A-Level Textiles. I find your work refreshing, interesting, and it has been brilliant to look into some of your pieces and the techniques you have used. If you're giving any talks in England soon, i'll be there! I particuarly love your use of religious icons in your's incredibly original and works so well. Thankyou for providing me with such an interesting range of work to study! Lucy x