Tuesday, 7 September 2010

The illustrated to-do list

At last I feel that I am getting through my to-do list. It was a very long list and remained static for some time. I once used my 'do' list in a textile for a Batsford book - when I needed a quick source of text. These days it would be a long piece of work. Perhaps that is a good idea for further exploration - the illustrated to-do list. Mine would currently look like this:





Well, that's the first four items. I also have to finalise the printing of postcards for the show, email all group members to finalise arrangements and chase up the estate agent. It'll be a long day.

One thing, the accountant shouldn't take long. We used to dread the year-end - we are pretty good record keepers but there were always odds and ends to sort out. But now we have the amazing Linda to keep our books, so there are very few queries. Almost a pleasure - apart from the paying tax bit.

I have just had the last address for the flower stitcher so they will be going out - another thing on the list! Anyone who is a long-time subscriber to Workshop on the Web (http://www.workshopontheweb.com/) will find an article by Val Campbell-Harding in the March 2002 issue - go to back issues and enter the password etc.
In fact I will give away the article as a series of tutorials on the blog over the next few weeks - a freebie - how about that?

Here is a detail of Val's belt to whet your appetite. Keep looking in for more ideas for using these useful gadgets.


Penny said...

Oh Maggie, such a delight to read your blog post, as the K& S gets nearer I think about our trip last year and that wonderful day there. I am this year up to my eyes in dealing with all the related stuff to my mothers passing. She didnt quite make 98 which she would have been annoyed about if she knew. Horrid last few months but up until then she loved her life. I had to move the stitched piece I won from you to put up a wonderful painting of poppies she had left me, your piece only moved slightly to centre left!
It made me have another look at it and I feel terribly pleased to have it.
Are you going to do any more on line classes? Combined with a book?
I think I need some more inspiration but I suppose you are too busy.
Look forward to the Val Campbell bit.

Ro Bruhn said...

Your new book looks exciting, hope it won't be too long before it makes our shops.

julieB said...

So good to read your last few blogs Maggie & Nikki Parmenter's work stunning: I can't wait to try something as exciting - I've hardly done any sewing since last November, due to husband Dan's ill health, but just beginning to get my head above water & actually unburied my machine today! I get such withdrawal symptoms without it - its such a joy to have something to lose yourself in & forget all the worries. I hope your house move goes well & your work not inaccessible for long!

Su said...

Hope the last one on yours wasn't too traumatic, they can be rather unco-operative can't they? I've just booked for the K&S show, it will be my 1st time and I'm really looking forward to it.


Heather said...

I love your illustrated To Do list - so much easier on the eye than my hastily scribbled notes. Smudge looks like the ultimate in office desk ornaments. One day,(or should that be year?) while my feet and legs will still allow, I am coming to K&S if I have to lie down for a week afterwards! Looking forward to the new book.