Saturday, 28 August 2010

Flower Power

Now for the prize draw for the Flower Stitchers. I found two more, so that is seven to give away. I will pay the postage if the lucky winners pop a coin or two in the charity box. Here they are, sitting on my bookcase ready to be dispatched - and no, the iphone isn't included in the giveaway!


And the winners (picked from the hat by Clive) are:



Su Harris

Margaret S

Stephanie M

Ann M


Luckily I don't think we have any duplicate names. I don't know where you all live but I don't mind posting overseas if you don't mind putting the postage in a charity box. Don't forget to email me your names and addresses -

Well, that's cleared out another drawer.

We are still having a gigantic clear out on the grounds that, even if we don't move it will be good to de-clutter. So, every day, we empty another cupboard or drawer and it feels quite liberating - not to mention all the nostalgia.

I am also working on the Mixed Media: New Studio Techniques book. That is now the final and conclusive title. It has come back from the designer and it looks wonderful. Co-author Isobel Hall is also delighted and that is just the initial design stage. One great thing about the way Michael Wicks and I produce books is that there is always a chance to improve the spreads. We had a really lovely double pager but I didn't like one of the pics so I am quickly knocking up some books to replace the dodgy one. I shall send them to MW on Tuesday and, when the book returns from the final trip to the designer, the new photo will just slot in.
We have a 'let me know' list for the book and, if you get your name on it, you can win one of my sketchbooks. Just email Fiona on - no obligation to buy.

Here is a pic of my almost finished books - they use a neat technique with metallic paint sprays but I can't show the full effect as my photography is not up to Michael's standard.



Look at one of Michael's pics of the decorated paper and you will see what I mean.


No news on the move except that the solicitors have nearly finished and we have to go and sign the contract soon. Not that that means anything until our buyer has his mortgage offer. Apparently, everything stops in August and the surveyors have gone to ground. Hopefully things will move after the summer holiday.
On another subject, we are thinking of swapping our Broadband supplier to Sky - anyone got any comments on their performance? I know I can rely on an unbiased opinion from the blogging community.


Heather said...

Regarding the Flower Stitcher draw - is that Heather as in Ragged Old Blogger? There is another Heather so I'll wait and see. Couldn't access your email link so will try via your home page. The new book sounds terrific and I love the colours and textures of your page of books. The holidays are almost over and I hope you get contracts exchanged before long. Sorry, but I can't help with the Broadband v Sky question.

Su said...

Can't wait to use the flower stitcher, thankyou. Your new book sounds great, those book look lovely and the photo of the decorated paper is amazing. Enjoy the clear out, I moved 2 years ago so can identify with you totally!

Aussie Jo said...

I love the colours in the samples Maggie.
I have emailed Fiona to be put on the list.
Isobel is over in Australia early 2011 and I am hoping to be able to do a workshop with her.

Gill H said...

Hi Maggie
We have Sky broadband and have been every happy with it - we get it with Sky TV(the freebies) and the phone - it came as a package.
Suffice it to say I shall be buying your next book - I'm a great fan. Usually a lurker! Good luck with the final stages of the move. Have you got somewhere to go? Gill

liniecat said...

Maggie Im thrilled to bits! Thankyou SO much! Am sure I have an article from a past WOW article about using the gadget, must search that out.
More than happy to donate to a charity and had already thought of sending a donation through to the Pakistan flood fund, so will double that up, if thats okay with you.
I dont envy you the moving itself, but I bet its lovely to look forward to new memories being made in a new home environment.

Gill H said...

Maggie - we find Sky is fine for us. Love the photos and am looking forward to the book.Good luck in the final stages of yoor move - have you got somewhere to go? Best wishes - Gill

gilby said...

The pages from the new book look stunning,ihave emailed Fiona.
Hope things go well with the house move.

Clare Wassermann said...

Hi there
I enjoyed meeting you at the NEC and seeing you lifting the surface on the felt with the stitch. I look forward to having a go.

AnnM said...

Thank-you so much Maggie, I look forward to trying out the flower stitcher. I was planning to buy one at Ally Pally in October! I have sent you an email with my address.

Gill H said...

Am I too late for a flower Stitcher - story of my life!! Many thanks from Gill

gilby said...

Hi Maggie,
Could tell me where i can buy a Flower Stitcher i have a Bernina Aurora 440.

Carol Wiebe said...

Those pages look stunning ~ I am looking forward to the book coming out.

Have to run and put my name on that list!!!!