Thursday 2 December 2010


We were too smug too soon about the snow. 'We won't get it down here in the warm south', we said. We woke up to several inches and we've had snowy drizzle (snizzle) ever since. I am cross because we've run out of paint and our hill is causing skids so we can't get out.

I did love the look of this garden pot - wearing his scarf and muffler.


While the hedge is very Christmassy.

Clive had to go and shake the Pampas grass as the weight was snapping the plumes.

Haven't blogged since the Harrogate K&S Show. That was a drama. We went to help set up the Wessex Textile exhibition on the Wednesday, scuttling home quickly on Thursday morning before the snow came. What with the move a few days before, we were both a bit shattered. Then came the news that poor Ruby Lever, who was stewarding with husband Ian and Brenda Weeks, had slipped on the ice and broken her shoulder. So painful. The rest of the gang rallied round to pack it up on Sunday but Ruby and Ian had to stay a little longer than planned and then got caught in the snow.
Thankfully they are home and Ruby is a little better. The show was more quiet than usual, due to the weather.
This weather is a real pain as I was planning a trip to Ikea to get the storage furniture for my workroom. I want to get on as I am planning some free on-line classes, based on the Mixed Media New Studio Techniques book ( in the new year. I have some great ideas and can't wait to get started. I shall have to work on the dining table (nothing new there, then). Watch this space for more news on that.
I have been doing some knitting - my first attempt at making something without a pattern. I've got a jacket with crochet edging so have followed that as far as I can, using up lots of different wools for a striped effect. I haven't pressed it yet but you get the idea here.

Really enjoying the crochet bits - easier than picking up and knitting the edging.

. We shall see if it is wearable.
Thanks to everyone for the warm new-home wishes. we love it here and it does feel just like home.


liniecat said...

Your right about Harrogates K&S, have put lots of pics on my blog of things that took my eye. Several from Smallchats exhibition.
Think there must have been some stallholders missing, am sure there was a full hall missing. The one at the other side of the theatre hall I think. It was almost too easy to walk round on the saturday, not nearly as packed as usual ~ but having said that I saw more than I might normally have seen I reckon.
And managed to spend my winter fuel allowance so hope they do pay me it!!

Heather said...

The snow is very beautiful but it does make life difficult. I'm looking forward to the new on-line classes and hope you get your storage and paint before too long. I bet we'll have a mild Christmas again and more horrid cold weather in Jan/Feb. Keep warm and safe.

Maggi said...

Sorry to hear that the snow is making thing difficult but the picture of the garden pot is just the thing to cheer us all up. Look forward to the online classes. If the ones for the previous books are anything to go by they will be great.

Aussie Jo said...

Amazing snow, it would be nice to have a white xmas sometime!!
Lucky you moved before the cold snap.

Downunderdale said...

that pampas grass looks like NZ toi toi? I thought tha the other day when I read your blog.

Have fun with that snow - as usual - swap for our heat?

Robin Mac said...

That snow is gorgeous - especially as I only have to look at it on your blog, not live with it! The online classes sound exciting, I hope you manage to get your furniture soon. Cheers, Robin

JP said...

glad you are all settled in - I didn't make harrogat because of the weather - abit of a bummer all round