Friday, 11 March 2011

Calligraphy and Clean Cats

Heather – was very impressed with your appearance on Facebook. I have to confess that I still don’t know what the heck it’s all about but I’ve got lots of new friends. I know that we have a giveaway on the Workshop on the Web page - a book of your choice plus a big bag of goodies. Fiona is in charge of the WoW page (thank goodness) but she allows me to pop up there now and then.

It is a lovely piece of art, Scooter. It’s by Debbie Kirby, a silk weaver based at Walford Mill and Liz Farqueharson, a calligrapher. Liz has worked her magic with letters in a big swoopy style, cut it into strips for Debbie to weave with silk. It looks very different from different angles, as you can see.

Diane – I sympathise. It is very different to co-ordinate all the people needed for a building project. We are steeling ourselves for the kitchen, planned for June. My cousin has a fantastic eye for fixing up a room – she calls it ‘pratting about’. She moved my furniture after we moved in and it looked so much better. Yesterday she came for coffee with her husband – a civil engineer. They started looking at the kitchen and it raised pratting to an art form.

What we thought was an immovable lump of wall can be knocked down almost completely and, best of all, Trevor is going to do the knocking down and rebuilding. This gives us room for a breakfast bar overlooking the garden. We never would have thought of doing it that way. Now I’m really excited.

Happy to be your friend Jen – can understand that you need to take care. I worry sometimes that the grandchildren are too free with information on the web.

Gilby- thanks for that – my lanterns are now hung. The electrician thought the lights were great but I can’t help thinking that this view of the bathroom from the hall looks like industrial chic meets Moroccan brothel!

They do look lovely and give a surprisingly good light. Found them on ebay.

Have been making collagraphs for the online classes. I’ve used paper mostly, but have got into printing fabric now and found a way to make repeat prints that are wider than the pasta machine.


Love the back, too.
Bought a new shaggy rug to soften the bathroom floor – Smudge is busily destroying it. Although he has found the right place for a quick wash, he is moving so fast it’s caused motion blur.


Must go and finish the lesson, back soon.


Heather said...

The woven silk panel is stunning. I like the sound of the new class and the building plans for June. The weather will/should? be better by then and knocking walls down will be fun if someone else is doing it. Hope Smudge allows you a bit of use out of the bathroom mat!

Jen M said...

The woven panel is beautiful! Smudge looks to be having a lovely time...I can realte we have new puppy called Kenzie, who loves to aquire things (especially socks, preferably with the feet still attached)that are not hers!
Did go searching for you on facebook, but there are a lot of maggie grey's out there, and wasn't sure which one were you.

gilby said...

Hi Maggie,
Just found you on facebook and made a request to be a friend.

Genie said...

Hi Maggie,
pleased your settling in New Home.
Love the woven panel and like that Smudge is enjoying new home lol.

scooter said...

Maggie, thank you for posting up close photos of the gorgeous silk panel. It's amazing! ooohhh - kitchen remodeling. We did that in 2004 - tore it up down to the studs and re-built. Scary and expensive but so worth it. Good luck with that!


Diane said...

Maggie, your home is looking lovely. I really love the woven panel and it looks just great where you have placed it.
I received the tea bags. They aren't all that great as they don't hold the tea stain even after pouring boiling water onto it and tea leaves. They stamp quite well but don't do all that well when using a medium to attach to evalon or misty fuse. It just doesn't blend in so it is back to saving all the used tea bags!!

Jensters said...

Wow wonderful woven panel, i love silk and the array of colours.....wonderful lights and smudge look cozy.

navaneedh said...

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alex said...

You got beautiful light in your kitchen. Elegant and classy house.

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