Monday, 7 March 2011

Moroccan Adventure

Did I finish my buttonhole bag? Yes, it’s on my Facebook page, so have a look. I have only just got around to Facebook as I have enough trouble dealing with my face on a personal level. Still don’t quite know what I’m doing so don’t be offended if I have failed to be your friend yet, I will be soon. Can’t have enough friends can you?
Now it’s on with Lesson 3 of the d4daisy classes and we’re going to try to bring the previous lessons together with a finished piece. Well, I am doing that, and I’m hoping it will be able to go into the Ramster exhibition next month. This is always a lovely event – a super show with more and more of the big names entering. A lovely garden to explore and loads of scones and cream! Find out where at
This is a rough design – the piece is called Cross Section and it continues a theme that is a favourite of mine, a chunk cut out of the earth – sky, trees and plants, earth and below – you get the picture.

It’s a good chance to bring in the fossils and I enjoy working in layers, like the pic below. I hope to vary it with a cross section from an unknown planet. That could be exciting. Watch this space.

We accidentally decorated the hall. The wood-working son-in-law built is a dark wood cabinet over the top of a very ugly meter cupboard. I thought I only liked pale wood but I liked it so much that we brought in a dark, basket holding thing from the garage.


When we added our Marrakesh mirror, it looked very Moroccan. It now made the walls look shabby so Clive painted them white.

So I ordered two lantern lights. Will have to get the electrician to fit them as they came without interior fittings, rather annoying.

When the boiler has been fitted. we will take the carpet up as there is a wood-block floor underneath, like this one.

This is in my workroom and was in a terrible state – all covered in paint splashes. Clive has scraped them all off and sanded and polished it. I shall now be very scared in case there are new paint splashes of a Maggie kind.
Spring is coming at last, although we’re still having frosts. Lovely at midday so must go – the garden calls.


Heather said...

Love the layered piece and your Moroccan style hallway - the mirror and lanterns are gorgeous. I love finding new ways to arrange favourite things and give them a fresh look. I'm off to try to find you on Facebook, though I don't really know what I'm doing!

scooter said...

Maggie, I always enjoy your blog posts and got a chuckle out of the facebook comment. I am not on facebook and don't understand it...I have enough trouble keeping up with work and personal e-mail. That Moroccan space is gorgeous! Really turned out nicely. What is below the mirror? Is that your art? It looks good there.

Diane said...

Maggie, Your house looks better every time we see some photos. I just love the lamps.
I never quite understand why people put carpet over lovely wood floors when there is so much to see in the wood. Our bathroom is coming along slowly. We ordered the vanity and shower recess yesterday so now have to wait for the plumber and electrician to have a free day together to do the next bit.

Jen M said...

Maggie, I love the Moroccan lanterns...they are quite beautiful, as is the mirror!
Tough I have 'the Book' I haven't done the classes this time, 'cos I'm a bit snowed under by life. I have logged in, though and the lessons are great.
Like Heather, I will try to find you on Facebook. I have very few friends (being a teacher, I have to be careful about being out and about in the virtual world) but would like to add you as one, if you don't mind.

gilby said...

Hi Maggie,
Like Heather i will try and find you on Facebook, might prove to be a little difficult as i don't really know what i am doing, but will give it a go.
New home is looking great.

Jensters said...

Love your work Maggie, ive brought your book but havnt got round to doing the workshop yet, as trying to work on a college piece! I was on facebook for a long time but became bored with house is looking good.