Friday, 20 May 2011

Books, Bills and Worms

Will we ever have rain again? I am so tired of watering the garden and it is like dust again very soon after. However it has been great to have the dry weather while doing the kitchen. A large fridge-freezer arrived today and we just took it for granted that it could wait outside until this afternoon when the floor is (hopefully) finished. I don't know about being laid back about the kitchen JP - laid out might be closer. We are on the last lap and the wwsil is doing a great job of putting it all together - in spite of the apparent puzzlement.



Just the carcases so far, so the pretty bit is yet to come. I have gone for a weird mixture of traditional oak and glitzy, shiny black and am now wondering if I was mad. I'll keep you posted.

We will probably have something watery somewhere in the garden, Heather. Smudge does like to watch the frogs. I shan't have fish - too upsetting, as the heron always gets them. We made fantastic compost at the last house but there is a severe lack of worms here so I had to order some on-line. The postman was horrified!



I am working on my next book which is about using photos, photocopiers and imaging programs and by-passing the need for drawin. Not that I think we shouldn't draw (and there will be a lot of ideas for taking the techniques and boosting drawings) but some folks just don't. It will be called 'Your Cheating Art' and if it fails as a book it will at least have a chance in the country music charts.

The piece below comes from a photo of our mate Bill, much changed. Don't think he'd know himself in the pic below.



I have printed it on fuzzy paper and started to stitch into it.



Hope it will be one for the FOQ talk too, Gilby. It will be great to see you there and, if I don't recognise you, just shout.


JP said...

fancy having to buy worms!!! - fisherman passing our door ofton call in for worms from our compost!!! - our kitchen looks like yours at the moment - another couple of days of messs and muddle !!!

gilby said...

Hi Maggie,
The new book sounds very exciting. I enjoy drawing and try to draw every day, but it is great to be able to create using technology, i feel it brings new and exciting effects to a piece of work. Good luck with the kitchen.

Heather said...

I'm sure you'll like the kitchen when it's done, but I know how you feel. We need new carpets and I'm terrified of choosing the wrong shade. Your new book sounds great - I'm not good at drawing but neither am I good with technology - You just can't help some people!!

jeangenie said...

ha ha love the worm delivery would have liked to have been a fly on the wall in the sorting office good stuff enyed reading thank you

vintagerockchick said...

Oh Maggie - I love the title of the new book! Look forward to seeing it.
Hope kitchen is progressing nicely x