Monday, 27 June 2011

Still on the Road

We've been on the road again - this time to Wolverhampton for a Regional day for all the local guilds.

There was a tense moment at the beginning of my talk when our laptop and projector played up - it was taking ages to change images. Good job Clive was there - turned out that the projector plug had worked loose and it was quickly sorted. Phew! The first time, in all the years we've been using digital images, that we've had a problem.

Had a fantastic time and had to judge several competitions. Such a high standard of work and I was glad that Pauline from the Guild was a co-judge. The theme was Frescos and Fragments and here is some of the work, with the young embroiderers first. Here's Stafford branch.




All were a credit to their teachers who are doing a great job bringing on the next generation of stitchers. This lovely piece won the adult section - so sorry but it was all such a rush that I didn't get any names.



The next two were runners up. You can see how high the standard was



As you know I have become a gardner (ish). However I don't think that Alan Titmarsh would be impressed by my mishapen cucumber. Especially when I tried to use it in a salad and found that it was a marrow!



On a more serious note we are thinking of investing in photovoltaic roof panels as there is an offer from the government's 'green deal' of 43pence per unit generated. We have a sunny south facing roof, so should be OK. Has anyone done it yet - it seems too good to be true. All info welcome.

Comments - at the end, please note!

liniecat - yes that yahoo group seems to have been hijacked. It won't let me in to delete so I'm waiting for Yahoo to do it for me.

Stitcher - the college decided to stop supporting the degree course and the c&g tutors have moved elsewhere, such a shame.

Julie's sad news - I've replied privately but I'm sure she will find lots of support from the on-line community. Someone once told me, having just had that experience, that it was like losing a huge part of yourself and I can see that.

Glad you all liked the frog - you're very encouraging


Heather said...

Wonderful work from those oh so Young Embroiderers and the adult pieces are stunning. Glad your troubles with technology were short lived. Can't help with 'green' roof panels, sorry. Happy gardening!

Clare Wassermann said...

Hi Maggie - thank you so much for such a wonderful talk at the Wolverhampton Embroiderers' Guild on Saturday - have written a blogpost eulogising - hee hee - and then `i looked here to find a link to you and wey hey my piece was on your blog!!!!!
Thanks again - it was great fun and very informative...

Gill H said...

Hi Maggie
We had PV panels fitted last September and have been thrilled with the results - the 43p per unit generated is fantastic and the pennies have rolled in. We think it is a very good investment, as like you (probably) we regard our house as our last move. I make sure washing, ironing etc (yeh, boring!) is done while we are generating too. I'll email you further details. Gill

Carole said...

Love your blog

Alex said...

The winning pieces are all beautiful. I don't envy you the job of judging them though!

Wabbit said...

Everyone I know here in Arizona who have had them installed love their solar panels. (Doesn't it just amaze you sometimes that people think we speak the same language?!??) Of course, it is sunny here ALL the time so the things are constantly producing electricity. (A good thing since our AC is currently running 23 hours a day!) I want a windmill.

I know I've been missing, but I just popped in to see what you are up to. Lovely kitchen!