Wednesday, 8 June 2011


Liked the cruet story,Gill. Wonder what the odds on that are?
Magaret – I’m also inclined to think that computer art is entirely justified. Think the problem comes when a photo has just one, very obvious, effect applied and I agree that you have to work at it.
Heather – it was only Pizza Express because we had loads of things to do in town and it wasn’t worth coming home. In the end, one of us had to wait in for a delivery so I went out and had a very late lunch at home.
Robin – it’s the safe places that are hard to find. We now use unsafe ones.Diane – sounds like the kitchen is progressing. I’m glad I decided not to rush ours as it’s very hard on the building guys if they have to be put back a few days because the previous one hasn't finished. Well done in the c&g btw.
Go for the red JP.
Sorry Scooter – I’ll go more for the non fiction version next time - a lavatorial fairy tale!
I have seen the carpal tunnel guy at the hospital and it is good news. He confirmed the diagnosis and offered the op but suggested that he injected steroids into the wrist to see what happened. If it works, I might get away without the op. That was over a week ago and it is much better so here's hoping it continues.I am off to the Yorkshire and Humber Regional day on Saturday with a new talk on Faces and Places. Really looking forward to it. When I was looking out work for the display, I decided to really sort out all my stuff. Lots of finished pieces that I use for talks - they fit well into categories and are no trouble. But I found loads of smaller bits, samples, tiny art works - all manner of things.
What to do with them? Too good to throw away and too different to stitch together into finished pieces, so I thought to myself, 'What about using them for a series of really precious books' with wonderful covers, each page really well considered with extra stitch or media added? Easy to store on a shelf, perhaps mounted as saleable art at exhibitions. Maybe the books would sell on Etsy or ebay. Possibly even a give-away or prize.I'm excited and now have a huge box marked 'STUFF'.


and here are some of the things in it.

.Lovely textural spirals.



Pale angels



and garish ones (some toning down needed here)



Lots of sweet little stitched patches. I think I took the design from a mask. There's even a needle and thread in this one.



I also have the beginnings of the first book and I shall show you next time how it is going. What do you think? Will it work or just look like a bitty book?


Alex said...

I really like the idea of showcasing each precious piece on the front of a book. I bet they would sell very well!

Heather said...

The precious books idea is great Maggie - each one will be a treasure trove. I look forward to seeing the first one. I was teasing about Pizza Express and realise how busy you both are with house improvement, classes, talks, etc., not to mention life! So glad the steroid injection seems to have worked, I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Jane said...

I think lots of tiny precious books would be an excellent idea, I'm sure they would very popular.

liniecat said...

Those angels could work as xmas tree decs surely?
My son had the steroid injection and its been fine for a year now, so hope you hacve the same success too.
I had a spam email a day or two back from your chez email addy, just check youve not been hacked at!
Unless it really was you and I rudely deleted you as spam! In which case Im truly sorry lolol

JP said...

red it is then - i love your angels

Lexa said...

What a great idea for those "too good to toss" bits. I can see a number of boxes labelled stuff showing up in studios!


kim said...

I've left so many needles in sample pieces over the years that I have learned to rummage very carefully through boxes of samples. I like to think of all those needles as offerings to Our Lady of Good Intentions.

Virginia said...

The Precious Books would be wonderful! I am wearing one of your "Silly Birds" and getting comments from strangers every time I do. Thank you! If you remember I bought two - one for a friend who was about to finish her C&G Diploma, and the other to wait until I had done so . . . It was a great motivation to keep going! Thank you. I'm sure the Precious Books would be appreciated as special gifts too.

Gill said...

Hi Maggie, I met you in Perth it must be nearly 2 years ago at a wokshop and thoroughly enjoyed the day. I have now moved to Tasmania so am even more remote from the world of workshops!! Deloraine apparently has the best 'Australian Craft Show' in November, so am looking forward to see what the locals can produce. Your idea of using up precious bits and pieces is a great one and I think I will have to tag a long too!! Weather a bit cool with frosts early morning - a far cry from hot and sunny West Australia. Look forward to following your precious book making!!

Jenny said...

Great idea, I made a book for the stitched metal work section of the C&G and now want to fill it. However I'm struggling with the theme for it.