Wednesday 28 March 2012

The Day of The Hand Approaches

Well, tomorrow is the day of the hand op and I am racing around like a mad thing. Not only trying to do all the stuff that I won't be able to do left-handed (this includes the dreaded housework) but also working on the book. This is running late but looking good. Should be around in another couple of weeks.

Our lovely designer Liz, in Australia, pulled out all the stops to give us a chance of getting it done before the op. It always amazes me that I send off a file of text and Michael sends some pics and back comes a book. In digital form, but unmistakably a book. A couple of spreads are showm below. Although it's on dissolvables I have managed to get quite a bit of mixed media stuff in as well, so I think it is a good mix of stitch and painty stuff - or in this case rust.


I am hoping to have a giveaway of a special water soluble film for three-dimensional work soon, so get your name on the 'let me know' list for Dissolvable Delights at Winners will be drawn from this list and there is no obligation to buy.

Isn't it great that we're having such wonderful weather, well we are in the UK. All the spring flowers have gone mad in the sudden warmth. This Camellia was one of the few well established shrubs in our garden when we got here.


But this clematis and the Snake's Head Fritillary, below, are part of our remodelling. I love the checkered effect of the fritillary. They grew well in our old house and I'm hoping they will get established and spread here. It's so good to see everything bursting into life.


At last we managed to get to the Hockney on Sunday, in a book lull. It really is as good as people say and I'm so glad we made the effort. My head is still full of all the colour.

Hopefully I shall be able to blog lefthanded pretty soon and will be back very soon.


gilby said...

nuedsGood luck for to-day.

Heather said...

Best of luck for the hand op -I'm thinking of you.
The pages from the book look so enticing - I can't wait to order my copy. My name is already on the list.
I must look to see if our fritillaries are out yet. We had quite a few and then they declined due to lily beetle I think.
If the weather holds at least you'll be able to convalesce in the sunshine.

smarcoux said...

Good luck with the operation Maggie .... just having cataract surgery I know how it can set you back for a few days but soon enough you will be better then brand new.
Dangling by a Thread

sewbeit said...

Good luck for tomorrow. Leave the housework and enjoy the weather. The sun will be gone next week and you won't be able to see the dust and cobwebs.

dorothypandorasbox said...

Hi Maggie, Good luck for the op. Hope it mends very quickly for you afterwards.

Olga Norris said...

Lots of luck Maggie. The book certainly is looking good.

Lexa said...

Good luck on the op. I know two that have had the surgery and they have done well. Your weather is ahead of ours, flowers yet to come. Bood sounds great.

JP said...

good luck with the op

Thimble Fingers said...

Good luck with the op, hope you won't be out of action for too long. The book looks great, and I can't wait until its available.

Emma said...

Hope it all went well & that you're allowing yourself plenty of time to recover.

the book spread looks wonderful but I can't read the text, darn it, maybe if I get a magnifying glass out.......!