Friday, 28 December 2012

Comment on Comments

I am so sorry.  I switched my comments to allow moderation because there was so much spam and then forgot to look for them. I was feeling neglected and then - wow- there you all are!  Lovely to read them all and thank you all for the kind wishes.

I hope I can find them again tomorrow when, I hope, the new blog will be launched. I'm experimenting with new looks - quite like this one. What do you think? I must have a new header, this is the original one.

Did you all have a lovely Christmas? Ours was quieter than expected as daughter Claire and her brood were either ill, contagious or pending. Thankfully they are all better now and we are having Christmas with them tomorrow. We did have a good time at other daughter Fiona’s, although Phil was on a cocktail kick and they were lethal. I was enticed by something called a woo-woo (tasted like lemonade) but I became over woo-wood and had to lie down in a darkened room when we got home!

Smudge had a new catnip mouse - you can see it dangling from his mouth in the pic, above. I think i will entitle it 'Manic Cat'. The photo is a bit blurred as he was moving very fast.

Hope to see you tomorrow.


Julie said...

I'm looking forward to seeing the new blog, Maggie. Enjoy your second Christmas :-)

Virginia said...

Happy Christmas - or really I should be wishing you a Happy New Year Maggie. You are obviously recovered from the woo-woo as your fingers made all the correct keys for the blog! Do we need the recipe, or would it need a Special Caution in the Health and Safety section!

Looking forward to the new blog,


Heather said...

I'm looking forward to the new blog too Maggie.
That cocktail should come with a Government Health Warning!
Glad your daughter and her family have recovered - I fear many celebrations have been disrupted this year.
Smudge is pleased with his Christmas present!

glenys coombridge said...

The new look is great Maggie. And so good to have all the connections to Wow and d4daisy etc.
Thanks for the free tutorials too.
Wishing you and yours a very happy and prosperous year filled with good things.