Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Working Up to a New Blog

What an amazing sunrise this morning, very cold but a wonderful sight, sorry about the clothes line, but I wasn't going out in my pjs to take it down.

I am busy (in between Christmas stuff) building a new blog, with a lot of help from Clive. It will have a gallery of work (I hope) and lots of tutorials and suchlike. Taking me much longer to do than expected.

What with that, Christmas and singing with Local Vocals, it's all go here.

I have made the usual cards for anyone who gives a gift subscription to Workshop on the Web. These have kept me busy, too. The cards go to the giver as a thank you from us.

This year I have attached tiny books made from Shrinkit and embossing powder. When the new blog happens I'll write up the technique as a tutorial.

I love these oil slick colours and they sit well on the stamped, torn paper backing.

For those who don't do Facebook, I am adding the latest pic of Mr Smudge (as Wabbit calls him). He is watching the birds, disguised as Buddha. Don't think it has worked, Smudge.

Keep a look out for the new blog - did I mention that there will be give-aways?


Heather said...

The tiny book cards are delightful and Smudge won't fool anyone! Looking forward to the new blog. Enjoy your singing.

Irene said...

Love the tiny book cards. Smudge won't fool the birds!

Robin Mac said...

I love the tiny books also, shall look forward to the tutorial on the new blog. Have fun singing. Cheers

Wabbit said...

Oh I have a new name for him now. Smudgy-Poo! I'll probably continue to use both. ;-) I love the look of the tiny books and I see that I will have to get out my shrink plastic!