Thursday, 10 January 2013

Dropped H

Yesterday we had a fun morning at Eastleigh college, giving a talk to the degree course about starting your own business. They were a lively group and we had an interesting discussion about turning a passion (I refuse to say hobby) into a business. I think my secret weapon is Clive - couldn't cope without his technical and web skills, plus his ability to rein me in when I have too many good, but impractical ideas. Sometimes he needs to have a rest and I am not allowed to utter the phrase 'I've had an idea', for six weeks.

We all had some trouble defining exactly what my main occupation is: it seemed to boil down to being a good editor bit I'd hope it is a little more than that!

A lovely blog that you might like to look at and add a comment is  It is Alison Hulme's search for the missing letters in H & T that are so obviously missing in speech these days.
Her idea is that they are dropped on pavements, invisible to the human eye, See pic.

It's a fun blog and will give her ideas for her final degree show. Do have  a look.

I hope to blog again later and answer some of the comments on recent blogs. Tomorrow is the Shrunken books tutorial and the results of the giveaway so would like to do the comments first. But now it's the hairdresser and a bit of sales shopping - if there is anything left!

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