Friday, 11 January 2013

Shrunken Books Tutorial

Phew! That was cutting it a bit fine, I had nearly finished the Shrunken Books Tute last night but today has been one of those days when everything took longer than expected. We had to fill in something silly for the bit of the bank that handles our e-finance and I had managed to forget all the log in details. Lots of time spent on the helpline. They sent the thing out on Christmas Eve so I tucked it away. We are usually quite organised about the business stuff so this really annoyed me.

Anyway here is the link for the little books tutorial.


I will put it in the proper place under the free tutorials tab a little later when I have a clearer head.

I have the four winners of the Shrinky plastic, metal and such stuff. They are (drum roll):

Vicki W

Send me your snail mail addys ( and I'll get them off to you. Will add a little surprise as well.


smarcoux said...

yippp yiippp yippeee thanks Maggie ... posting this on my blog asap
thanks again and keep your eyes on the blog for results

smarcoux said...

thanks Maggie how lucky am I .... and I love surprises... going and posting on my blog right now
keep your eye on my blog for results
thanks again

Heather said...

I love all those textures and patterns that you have impressed into the Shrinky plastic - this tiny book is another little treasure.

Lexa said...

80 vesngarCan't believe my luck!! Thanks Maggie.Everything is pushing me to create.orksness 6

Unknown said...

Looks great Maggie

emma-alittlebitofeverything said...

The tutorial is great, thanks.I'm sure I'll have a go ;)

Georgina said...

Thank you - I can't wait to have a go!