Monday, 4 February 2013

Work in Progress

       I am working on my walk in the woods piecee and have got as far as puttingit together. It is coming along nicely and I hope to do some more printing and finish the background this week.In the pic below you can see the pinning out - hopefully I am changing the colour as it runs down. There will be some maps on the bottom and some Google earth views.

A new way of working with the individual printouts is shown below - sort of pintucking, I guess, to give added dimension.

A very short blog today because I have to leave soon to go to a funeral as my much loved cousin has died. I have been asked to put together a short address which has been something of a challenge as it is made up of snippets gathered from the family. He was a great teller of tales which became more elaborate as the years went on, so I am basing the piece on the story tellers who have been with us through the ages. I shall incorporate some of his stories (cleaned up a bit).  I think he'd like that. Here's to you Den, wherever you are I bet you've got an audience!


Heather said...

I love the pintucks idea for your new piece of work. They certainly add texture and dimension as well as looking a bit maplike.
Sorry to hear of the loss of your cousin. I'm sure the family will enjoy reviving happy memories through your address.

LynneP said...

So sorry to hear about your cousin's death. I hope the love in your heart and your memories of him will give you some comfort.

Robin Mac said...

I love the colour of your new piece of work and the texture that the pintucks add. So sorry about your cousin's death. I am sure you will enjoy many happy memories of him.

Robin Mac said...

Lovely colour ant texture in your work in progress Maggie. So sorry to hear bout your cousin's death, but I am sure you will have many wonderful memories of him.