Thursday, 23 May 2013

Home Again

Many thanks for all the feedback from the last blog. Glad you enjoyed the spiral book making.

I am back from Ireland, where we had the most fantastic time. Everyone was so friendly and very keen and I gave a half day workshop on dissolvables. I am not really geared up to teaching these days but it was a long way to go just for a talk so I did a special for them. Here are some pics from the trip. Hang on in there as I have a give-away at the end of the blog. Going to make you see my ‘holiday photos’ first.

Having arrived early we went to the Ulster Museum and had a nosey round. Some wonderful John Piper paintings - he is a favourite of ours. Then on to the Tropical Ravine in the Botanical Gardens - the photos above don't give any idea of the size of the huge plants or the steep drop to the ravine below. Our thanks to Aylerie for running us around and taking care of our multiple luggage so we could do this.

Then on to Bangor, where we were staying in a cute hotel, full of character. You can tell this by the way they have folded the towels.

The food was excellent and we needed a walk after dinner. Through the clouds came a rectangular rainbow. We have seen a square one before but this was a definite strip. Much brighter in real life than the photo.

Good mosaics on the pier - loved this colourful D Day memorial.

Lots of guillemots around. Don't see many of them where we are so this was a bonus.

I meant to take photos of the class but the time whizzed by and was over before I realised.

I hope they enjoyed it as much as I did.

The give-away: with my ‘d4daisy books’ hat on I am planning to produce a multiple artist book. It will have six to eight contributors and I am looking for really interesting people to feature. Who would you choose from the stitch, mixed media, journalling and book making crowd?

Let me know and I will give away a copy of the Paper and Beyond CDROM to two lucky people. I have already asked the Facebook gang, so don’t comment here if you have left a message on FB.

The book should be out for Christmas. I shall write a section on paper and metal  as I have some new ideas that I want to explore.

I am going to a workshop with Sandra Meech on Saturday - really looking forward to that. It is on using digital prints and I am using my photos from our Scandinavian theme. Lots of printouts to do in preparation, as you can see. I will hopefully be able to show you the finished result soon.


Gill said...

Glad you had a good time in Ireland! My youngest son is at Queens (Belfast) so I've visited the museum and the botanical gardens several times!
How about Ineke Berlyn?? I love her work!

jill said...

I've recently discovered Sue Stone, a like her straight stitch people.

Heather said...

You have certainly had a busy time - glad you enjoyed it so much and I like the holiday photos. Looking forward to seeing how you use your printouts.

Singer said...

I would like to see Ro Bruhn featured in your new project. Her Fabric/paper journals are amazing and inspiring.

Singer said...

The Fabric/paper journals made by Ro Bruhn are amazing and inspirational. I would like to see her featured in your new project.

ESlagell said...

I would like to recommend Diane Eastham of Kitchener Ontario Canada. You can see her website at:

Thanks so much!
Merri Kraemer Slagell Ayr, ON

Pat said...

Love the rainbow. My suggestion is Ro Bruhn,
I love her mixed media journals.

Dee P said...

Sounds like you had a great time! Lucky you going on a course with Sandra Meech. I learnt such a lot from her. Have fun!

Dee P said...

Whoops sorry. Forgot to recommend someone! Annette Emms does some lovely work and Angie Hughes and both lovely people.

Amanda said...

Love going to Ireland, must has inspirational air there.

I'd love to see a little something from Beryl Taylor.

Annie said...

We recently had Gina Ferrari at our Embroiderers' Guild - she has made some gorgeous little books. There are so many talented people out there - it must be difficult to choose! Annie S.

Gill said...

I believe Alison Holt is coming over to Tasmania to do a workshop and I checked out her machine embroidery - fantastic - I recommend her for your new project.