Thursday, 30 May 2013

Mapping it

Thanks for all the good feedback. I have chosen Pat and Annie (closed the eyes and pointed at the screen) for the give-away and will be in touch with them. I'll soon be able to tell you who will be in the next d4daisy book - just tying up loose ends.

We were supposed to be having a half term family gathering today but the weather has been so awful that we decided to cancel and reconvene on a future Saturday instead. So Clive and I went to an exhibition based on maps and mapping. It was Clive's idea and he thought it was going to be 'proper' map making but, to my delight, it was mostly textile interpretations of maps. As I hadn't expected to be so absorbed I didn't take the camera so these are just iphone pics.

This is a detail from Wendy Dolan's large piece. Doesn't show up well here but it was a delightful study of Welsh landscape cleverly interspersed with soft fabric maps. Understated but most effective with good changes of scale.

Below is a lovely bag made by Lois Walpole - the basket maker. Made from woven maps it was intricate and classy. She had wonderful paper shoes, also maps but my phone wasn't up to the task.

We had an interesting experience this morning when we were interviewed by the people who installed our solar panels and wood burner for a promotional web video they are making. We have been so pleased with both that it was easy to say yes when they asked us. 

The guy making it was really interesting and was here for ages. His main interest was in Workshop on the Web, as he has set up something similar as a forum for women suffering from poly cystic ovary syndrome. His wife is a sufferer and, as she is a dietician, has made great progress in using diet to overcome it. I had a friend with this horrid condition so was very interested.

Find them on  They are expecting their second child (this condition affects fertility) so they must be doing something right. Apart from the obvious!


Heather said...

What a fascinating exhibition - I love maps and that bag is gorgeous.

liniecat said...

LOL that last bit SO made me chuckle lolol

Heather said...

Just to say thankyou for another great batch of Workshops on the Web. I think the 2-part ones are an excellent idea.