Friday, 5 July 2013

A Lovely Evening

We had a great time yesterday evening at the Eastleigh College degree show. It felt like going back in time to the days of Jan and Jean at Windsor and the work, particularly from the Graduates, was excellent.

The seven artists have formed an exhibiting group called Marks and Stitch and intend to continue to support and challenge each other now the course is finished.

My good friend Alison Hulme is part of the group and I loved her theme - hiding behind the pinny. Well, she is certainly out from the pinny now and the ex-pinnies were displayed as works of art, with superb surface decoration, as you can see.

Lettering is used here in a special way as Alison was recently diagnosed with dyslexia - explaining a lot about her ambiguous feelings for words and lettering.

All the work  by the graduates was good, in particular the 'headology' that showed a maturity and a willingness to open themselves up in many ways - Alison with her dyslexia is a good example.

Others look to pass on thoughts about a sustainable society, well illustrated by a delightful study by Caroline Bell who takes her theme into new dimensions with her eco-prints. The presentation of these, as floating tiles was a pointer in the 'framed or not framed' debate and suited the theme admirably.

Others in the group engage with a personal theme such as dance (Catherine Fox) or atmospheric memories of Africa (Jan McGarry). Janet Steer and Louise Wainwright also concentrate on different aspects of memory and environment.

I was very taken with the mark making of Robina Richter, who elevates a simple premise to a whole new level with a very assured use of colour. I am hoping to persuade her to write a workshop on the subject for Workshop on the Web. Watch this space.

All in all, it was a very inspiring evening and full maks to tutots Sue Chapman and Terrie Hitchcock, plus all the other tutors at the college.

On another matter, I'd like to thank you all for getting behind our great subscription rally for WoW.  We have all been touched by the offers of help we have had and lots of people - like DIane (many thanks) have asked for our bookmarks to give away at their guild or group. If anyone else can do this, do let me know.

We're very pleased with the results of the initiative - if you haven't subscribed yet, hurry up as the free book offer ends in a week's time. See I am also working on some giveaways for our loyal existing suppliers - more news in the next blog.


Craft Arena said...

If you want to send some bookmarks to me Maggie, I'll display them in my shop:
Denise Gannon
Craft Arena
Studios 48 - 50
Barleylands Craft Village
Barleylands Road
Essex CM11 2UD



Heather said...

What an inspiring exhibition with such diversity in the pieces too. Your mention of Jan and Jean reminded me of the trips our C&G class had to see their summer exhibitions.

caroline said...

Hi Maggie what a lovely article! Lovely you could come. You will have to let me know how you managed to photo my pieces so well!

Dee P said...

We have our meeting next Saturday in Exeter and would love some bookmarks to give out. Even if the offer will be over it would be great to have some. Thank you

Diane said...

Made up some WOW some bookmark type flyers using the WOW header and added the website address. Handed them out at the quilt show and explained WOW. I was encouraged as several ladies had been "thinking" of joining but would probably now (I am hoping) join. Others had never heard of WOW but would check out the site. Hopefully you might get some new members. The fact that there are about 24 different types of workshops per year for less than the price of one is a good sales pitch especially in the current economic climate. Good luck Maggie.

Diane said...

I made up some sort of bookmarks using the WOW header and added the web address at the bottom. Some ladies had heard of you and had been thinking about joining. Others hadn't heard of you at all so I used the sales pitch that for one year you get about 24 workshops presented by various artists using various materials and implements. Will do this at the next quiltshow at the beginning of August.
Hope I have some sucess for you Maggie.